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    Proxying for normal eldar

    Ok, so I am playing a tournament with me and about 9 other players. I signed up but little did I know I accidentally signed up for the Good Guys side, so now I have to proxy for goody Eldar. Any ideas on what I should proxy as what?

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    even if you proxy for a normal eldar army list it wont exactly make sense, it will still be Dark Eldar fighting on the good side, just they will be alot more organized with elite soldiers etc.

    But if that's what the TO has decreed then I suppose that's what you are stuck with.

    Obviously your HQ characters would become thiers, I think the Archon and Dracon models could work as farseers, while an Autarch would be better represented by Lelith or Drazhar.

    Incubi would probably work as striking scorpions, Wyches could be banshees maybe or harlequins. Grotesques would be hard to fit but you might get away with calling them wraithguard for the strength and toughness, just have to explain the gun. Maybe mandrakes as rangers although they don't have rifles.

    Warrior's presumably would be guardians, not sure how you would get dire avengers in.

    Jet Bikes become Jet Bikes atleast that's easy. Hellions would probably work best as warp spiders.

    Scourges would make decent Swooping Hawks, and I suppose you could call a Talos a wraithlord.

    The biggest problem will be vehicles, none of them will really look like what the Eldar ones are supposed to be.

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    Talos = Avatar
    Ravager = Waveserpent
    Warriors = Dire Avengers (as stated)

    And as drunkenspleen has already said, this just don’t add up!

    Batter just to swap sides or play your army with its own rules – it will be a mess otherwise.

    In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves.

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