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    Reswerves list: how does it work?

    I've heard so much talk about eldar reserves lists... but how do they actually work?

    I understood that the base is having everything in reserves with two autarchs to have a whopping +2 bonus to rolls... but then?

    You hope to get everything in by your 2nd turn to catch the opponent off guard? Or you try and spread your units throughout the game, getting new reinforcements each turn where needed?

    And what troops would you field?

    Embarked units seem a good choice, with their high move rate, most of all outflanking serpent-mounted scorpions seem sweet.
    Deepstriking spiders shouldn't be a bad choice too and shurikencannon-toting walkers coming in from the flanks should be quite a nuisance to.

    Anyone wish to explain the secrets of this new eldar trick to me, please?

    - Just love that maki! -

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    I think the main part of the trick is that your opponent has to set up his units with no idea where you're going to come from. He won't get to shoot at them for one whole turn (2 if he goes first), and drop pods on the first turn won't know where to go (to be as devastating). On top of that, Eldar have a few units that are better once moving (4+ cover save vehicles, 3+ cover save turbo boosts) and this allows these to get those advantages without being shot at first.

    There are probably a lot more important tricks in there, I just don't know what they are.

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