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Thread: WWB question

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    WWB question

    Hey i played a game aganced some necrons on the weekend using my chaos before this i had always assumed that Necron units loose there wbb roll if the ap of the weapon is 3 or below, but the guy i was playing showed me the wbb rules and it states close combat weapons that allow no save and weapons with a strength value double the T value, i persificly states "close combat weapons" that allow no armor save so was he right to take a wbb roll aganced low AP weapons i have a necron army my self so id like to make sure

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    Yes, he's correct there, the FAQ/Errata gives a good example of a similar situation.

    Q. Do Necrons destroyed in close combat by any
    attack that cancels armour saves count as being
    destroyed with power weapons?
    A. Yes, and therefore they cannot make a WBB
    roll. This is also the case with rending claws,
    Sisters of Battle rolling a 6 for the ‘divine
    guidance’ Act of Faith (although divine guidance
    used in the Shooting phase has no effect upon
    ) and so on.
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