Oy, In da weekend(when my buds wasn't sick/not at home) I played a little campaign, well not really more like a scenario.

Well it's a battle report for you guys that just won't get it.

you won't get any army lists since we didn't write 'em down and guessing what was in the other army seems... plain stupid.

You will get to know what both I and my opponent had any way if you read the text and don't look at the pretty pics.

So let's get started will we?

The assault on the drug labs

In the city of Axemius on the planet Barmon VII The Imperial guard officer Alfred Mansjö had been ruling the system for decades without question. This was through effective propaganda and leadership. At least that's what's said in the reports.
Alfred Mansjö was a supreme drug lord and ruthless leader, he killed anyone that didn't do as they were told, was it for a small misunderstanding or something else didn't matter.

The system is positioned on the eastern fringe and was eventually crossed by the infamous Tyranid fleet known as Da Blitzhive. Quickly planet after planet fell to the might of the Tyranids and battle soon assured on Barmon VII too.

This however was not the regular fighting that Alfred had been reported that Da blitzhive usually was infamous for, they had been said to become very durable and their resistance to damage was amazing. They had become almost impossible to kill without strong weapons.
Alfred drew the conclusion that when they past the planet Barmon XI and Barmon IIX they must have been affected by the world spanning fields of drugs on the planets.
But since that was almost a month ago the effect must have partially worn off. He for a brief moment saw a chance of survival...

Scenario rules:

Drug effects: For the first round of the game all Tyranid creatures gain the feel no pain rule.
On the second round of the game the effect has worn off and the Tyranids are left hazy and slow to react, all Tyranid creatures gain -1 Ws, -1 Bs, -I and -1A for the reminder of that round

Quick assembly: One the first round of the game all Imperial guard models count as having moved

Death is near: Alfred Mansjö is quick to execute anyone that doesn't follow orders or loses faith.
All imperial guard models counts as having Ld10 for the whole game.

A quick look on the table here.

Tyranid deployment zone, you can see the outskirts of some drug fields here.

No-mans land

Imperial guard deployment zone, this is the gates of Axemius. One of the many drug labs is positioned here.


Gaunts are hiding in the drug fields.

A carnifex is thundering through a drug field and a Hive tyrant is next to it. also some warriors are inside the building.

Imperial guard

A squad of Grey knights under Alfred Mansjös command is rushing into the newly dug trench just outside the castle walls.

Alfred Mansjö watches the coming doom as he prepares for battle(on the left)

Turn one - Tyranids
Movement phase

Everything marches forward except one warrior unit that remains inside the house.
Turn ends! Due to lack of long range weapons in the Tyranid arsenal(no more then 36")

Turn one - Imperial guard
Movement phase

One chimera, one Stormtrooper squad and two Guardsmen squads moves forward, the Chimera charges its main weapon.

Shooting phase

The hellhound kills a relatively small amount of hormagaunts compared to number of hits inflicted but it manages to btter then the heavy bolters, mortars and missile launchers did which killed ZERO hormagaunts thanks to the drugs effect.
Turn Ends!

Turn two - Tyranids

One lictor manages to deepstrike into the same building as the missile launchers is in.

Two groups of Genestealers manages to outflank and appear on the same side as each other, you can really feel the fear of the guardsmen in the air. Ah, I love the smell of tender flesh in the morning.

Movement phase

Everything marches forward once again, now the warriors in the building walks outside to get closer to the enemy(shooting distance) The winged warriors are quickly closing in for the kill(hehe worm-fest)

Shooting phase
-no importante-
The dakka flarriors manages to fire a barbed strangler shot at some unwary Imperial guard but it scatters away and is lost in the nothingness that is known as sand.
The other warrior unit kills 4 Stormtroopers with a barbed strangler, they manages their pinning test.

Assault phase
-ZMFG something happens!-

The Lictor manages to jump insanely high and into the missile launcher crews.
The genestealers also manages to climb over the wall into the juicy guardsmen on top. (they're are actually on the wall they just didn't fit.)
The outcome of this is... you know it... killtacular, every last guardsman slain without a single genestealer harmed.(ouch, next shooting phase will be a pain)

see why?

The lictor isn't that killtacular since inflicting 6 wounds with 4 attacks isn't that high a chance, it however inflicted 2 wounds and didn't suffer a single so I'm happy.
Turn ends!

Turn two - imperial guard

Movement phase
Shooting phase

The hellhound is a bit more effective this time, killing all but 4 hormagaunts that are left confused in the teeming flames.

The autocannon crew then finishes the "mean buggers" off.
(for those that will complain about bases the cannons are there only as an icon that the real crew is inside the watch tower)

A bunch of spinegaunts are killed, splattered by (heavy)bolter shots.

One warrior from the close combat brood is killed by a mortar launcher.
Also 4 genestealers are killed by guardsmen firing their lasguns

Assault phase

-no pic, sorry-
another two wounds inflicted on the missile launcher crew, killing one base. No hit&run because of 80pts of your only ap3 weapons can't shoot is better then 80pts of coward guy that let's my fexes and warriors die.
Turn ends!

Turn three - Tyranids
Movement phase

Everything marches towards the enemy, the close combat warriors hug some cover that happened to be close to the hellhound(yum, scrap metal)
Dakka flarriors manages to get a good position to fire at the key unit in my opponents strategy to counter-attack attackers(a guardsman squad with lots of flamers in behind another squad without any spec weps)
Genestealers in one squad rushes towards the mortars to extract revenge for the poor warrior.

Shooting phase

-no pic, I'm sorry-
The dakka flarriors annihilated the "counter-attack" unit overkilling the last guy left with a couple of devourer shots.
Other warriors tries to fire at the grey knights but can't see them due to their very shiny pimp-armour.
The hive tyrant manages to kill 2 stormtroopers with warp blast

Assault phase

Surviving genestealers assault the guardsmen that killed their buddys.
other genestealer unit assaults mortars

Screamer killer fex assaults a guardsman unit.
Hive tyrant and guard assaults the Stormtrooper unit.
Two spinegaunt units assaults the guardsmen that was infront of the "counter-attack" unit.
Warriors fail to charge hellhound due to difficult terrain.

Genestealers kill two Guardsmen but receives no wounds.

Lictor goes insane and kills the last missile launcher dudes.

lil' fexy ate the rest of the guardsmen, good boy!
Turn ends!

Turn three - Imperial guard

movement phase
-no pic-
Grey knights moves forward to flame stuff(dakka flarriors, who knows?)
Hellhound drives away in order to avoid getting eaten by the mean warriors.

Shooting phase

The Grey knights flames and shots the poor dakka flarriors, killing them all.

The gaunts got flamed by the hellhound... I love the smell of fried gaunt in the morning - my opponent
three other gaunts was shot by the autocannon on the hellhound

These telekinetic guardsmen and their buddies shot down 5 genestealers!

Aim, FIRE!

The lictor died tanned by a million flash lights.

Assault phase

Genestealers steals the jeans from two other guardsmen, they jumped the tower and took their life 'cause embarrassment.
However one genestealer is killed in action.

lil' fexy ate his lunch and swallowed three guardsmen. Good boy.
Turn ends!

Turn four - Tyranids
Movement phase

Hive tyrant advances, rambo-gaunt advances, warriors advances and genestealers get into the closest watch tower.

Shooting phase

Rambo-gaunt killed a grey knight!
also the warriors kills another five grey knights.
Hive tyrant kills another two with warp blast.

Assault phase

Genestealers assault Alfred Mansjös command squad!

Rambo-gaunt and hive tyrant(+guard) assaults grey knights.

Genestealers don't do anything but instead one gets killed and the genestealers flee!

Well they fled, didn't they?

Rambo-gaunt kills a grey knight, Hive tyrant kills the others and guard doesn't do anything.

lil' fexy ate the rest of the guardsmen, good boy!

Alfred Mansjö and his squad killed the genestealers! The genestealers only managed to kill one guardsman!
Turn ends!

Turn four - Imperial guard
Movement phase

Come back here you WIMPS!
Self explanatory pic.

Shooting phase

The hevy bolters kills Rambo-gaunt(Bastards!) and hellhound kills tyrant guard. And autocannons takes a wound on a warrior, hehe HEADSHOT! Also Alfred Mansjö shoots the cowardly genestealer.

Assault phase
-no fighting here-
Turn ends!

Turn five- tyranids
Movement phase

warriors advance.
Hive tyrant rushes towards the hellhound.
lil' fexy rushes towards the castlegate.

Shooting phase

the telekinetic guardsmen are blasted away by the warriors.
Also inflicting a wound on a regular guardsman.

Assault phase

The Hive tyrant assaulted the hellhound, inflicting 6 penetrating hits out of 7 possible(bio-plasma failed), he got 4 explodes! results, two armament destroyed and a shaken+stunned. The tank was ANNIHILATED beyond repair. kinda like IKEA table+sledgehammer.
Turn ends!

Turn five - Imperial guard
movement phase

Alfred Mansjö walks back to his previous position on the castle gate-walkway.

Shooting phase

One close combat warrior is killed by autocannons, and the hive tyrant takes two wounds for being shot at with grenade luanchers, heavy bolters, lasguns, laspistols, etc.

It's a victory to Alfred Mansjö, he may keep his drug lands... for now!

I hope you enjoyed reading the report.
Even thou I didn't win it was a very fun game, also very long. About 3.5hours. It took about 4hours to write the report(thanks to various messenger contacts)

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