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    Brood lord / independent characters

    I got a question for our brood lord or independend characters in general. Since a brood lord is our only independent character hes the only one it matters for, for us.

    First off can he leave his squad of 5-11 body guards at any time? or do they need to be dead for him to be seporate?

    I never really thought about the indepentent character part for joining other units but i was thinking if his gene squad dies to shooting he could join another squad of just about anything except MC to soak extra wounds in shooting.

    So, durring the game after movment as long as hes within 2 inches he could join any other squad he wants correct? ex: join another squad of geneies, warriors, gaunts or rippers.

    Finally there are no rules for squads being able to join up with other similar units are there? like if a gaunt unit got shot down to two, they cant join a second gaunt squad could they?

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    Our broodlord is actually a rubbish example of an indepenadant character, but ill try and help.

    As far as i know, the broodlord cannot leave its unit until the unit is dead, however this often means the broodlord is dead too, so it doesnt matter too much.

    however, he still attacks as an IC.

    lastly there is absolutly no way for units to merge, when killed, indeed theres nothing like that in the whole of 40k that i know of.

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    The rules for Independent Characters say that ICs can't leave their retinues, and the broodlord always has a retinue. So unless all the genestealers die, he can't move independently.

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