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    eldrad and avatar support unit

    I always liked the idea of using eldrad and the avatar in support of each other, eldrad using fortune on the avatar, then doing his own thing with another unit. however im not sure what that other unit should be. banshees wold be good as he could use doom, and then fortune them, but if they are to be used well its quite likely that there will be power weapons in there. So that brings me to harlequins, but the points would rack up fast, but even a re-roll able 5+ invulnerable isnt that good, so that means warlocks, but even if they do wound on 2's the opponent still gets a save. However they would probably benifit most from fortune. Im told that Eldravatra ( is that right?) has been used well bofore so do you guys have any ideas where im going wrong here?

    EDIT: just thought of something, what about dire avengers? Guide them doom the target, lots of dead stuff. Any thoughts?

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    I'd say that the Avatar/Eldrad combo would work well in theory with just about any unit that compliments the strategy as a whole. Kind of depends on what else you have in the army though. If you don't have many tanks for instance, any AT weaponry the opponent brings would go straight towards the Avatar. Even with rerolling saves left, right and centre it'll go down eventually.

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