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    The noob has news!

    I just finished putting together all the pieces in my Tau Battleforce Box!!! I actually have a fully functional Tau force now. I would like to make a few notes about my first attempt at putting together a WH 40K force.

    1. Battlesuits look awesome. Though figuring out what is what was a bit more of a challenge then it should have been (Thanks GW, please use more labels) (Oh, and its a Fireknife)

    2. Devilfish, awesome transport with an awesome name...looks quite awesome. (When I figure out which of the little attachments are the disruption pod and flettchet launcher I will add them)

    3. Firewarriors, they look cool, though they are a little short in my most honest opinion. I always imagined Tau as being relatively tall and lithe, compared to humans anyways. Still they look cool.

    4. Kroot, Kroot look really awesome. However they were such a pain in the butt to put together. (They still need some detail piecies put on)

    Just thought I would inform you that I have joined the glorious ranks of the Tau, fighting for the greater if only I could find somebody around here that played. I really do not want to wait until September to start shooting things with Pulse rifles. Now on to the painting...I hope this wind dies down tommorow so I can put on the primer.

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    The Disruption Pods and the Flechette Dischargers are not included in the model's kit. You get a large antenna which could be used for the Disruption signal, a triple-antenna which is the sensor spines, a Seeker Missile and that's the lot.

    Flechette Dischargers and Decoy Launchers are available from Forgeworld, but you could easily make something out of Green Stuff to represent the DLs as the ones from Forgeworld are basically spheres with slits cut into them. The Flechettes are actually "already present" on the model. If you look at the leading edges of the wings you will see a pair of small cut-outs on each wing. This is where the Forgeworld FDs fit in, and these holes are therefore what I use to represent my Flechettes.

    You could design up more or less anything to represent the vehicular upgrades. I tend to cut up the sensor spines into 3 separate antennae and their remaining mount, which gives quite a few options.

    One small hint to you about playing: read your codex *really* carefully and find out exactly what does what, in particular the Markerlights, Target Locks and Multitrackers. Also, since you will presumably be buying more stuff, decide on what style of play you intend to use the most and tailor your purchases towards that end. It's an expensive hobby to make wrong purchases for.

    Oh - and welcome to the Greater Good!

    "Tau Commandment #226: Participants who use Velocity Trackers in the Tau Clay Pigeon Tournament will be disqualified"

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