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    wave-serpents and singing spears


    This is the list I am working on and I think my questions on these two things would be better asked in here maybe.

    My first question is in this list since there is only a single tank, which will make it easy for the enemy to decide what to fire it's anti-tank weapons at. Should I swap this for a wave-serpent? I got the feeling they where more survivable. And if I do this I could bump the firedragon squad up to 8 models, which although this would guarantee watever AV13-14 tank they shot died and may be a little overkill. It would mean that those MC's, termi's, FNP plague marines, nob bikers etc. Would get eaten in a single round of shooting. Which makes it safer since the alternative is probably a dead dragon squad.

    My other question is with singing spears on seer councils, if they decided to use them are they able to use psychic abilities also so long as they are fortune etc, or only the models that didn't shoot may use them, or is the whole squad unable to use psychic abilities?

    Would love to hear back from you guys on some of these questions


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    Yes, I would replace the Falcon with a Wave Serpent, their Energy Field might help it survive if only for another turn, and yes I would increase the Fire Dragon squad size up to 8. Although I don't agree with having only one tank in an army nor do I agree with Guardian Jetbikes, that's for me to post in the army list section, not here.

    With regard to the singing spears, yes you can shoot with them and use psychic powers, as long as the psychic power doesn't count as a shooting attack (i.e. as long as it's not Mind War or Eldritch Storm). The Farseer can shoot with the singing spear in the same turn that it casts Doom, for example, or even Doom and Guide if the Farseer in question has Spirit Stones.


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