Just finished a fun 2 vs. one battle. Orks and tyranids at 500 points each verses space marines at 1000.

here is how the army lists stood:


1 warboss, 1 other special character, and 30 ork boys in one squad
10 ork boys
1 rocket kopta


3 deathspitter warriors
8 spine gautns
8 spine gaunts
boomfex w/fleshhooks
boomfex w/fleshhooks
boomfes w/fleshhooks

Space marines:

space marine captain with attached honor guard
CC terminator squad all with storm shield and thunder hammer
tactical squad with launcher/flamer
tactical squad with launcher/flamer
dreadnought with multimelta

Spearhead deployment, 5 objectives to claim, space marines go first.

Turn 1:
Space marines go for cover and hide. Rocket launchers fire and miss

Orks move their 30 boy squad up the field. Rocket kopta flanks down the side to harrass one of the tactical squads at max range. Last set of ork boys babysits an objective out of LOS.

Tyranids fire with their three boomfexes taking out 7 space marines and 1 terminator. all other units head down the field opposite the orks to claim objectives and draw attention of terminators.

Turn 2: Space marines move into coherence and head towards objectives. They fire shots at the fexes and rocket kopts and saves are made. Terminators move towards center objective and tyranid swarm.

Orks do same as turn 1.

Boomfexes fire causing no wounds, warriors fire killing one marine, gaunts move to intercept terminators.

Turn 3: Terminators take the bait. The gaunts are assaulted, Space marines move towards cover to avoid the approaching ork hoarde. One tactical squad moves in to counter assault the orks.
In the assault between the 8 spinegaunts and the teminators, 2 gaunts go down, 1 terinator goes down.

Orks charge in and destroy the honor guard, clean up one tactical squad, and leave the captain living.

Tyranids continue the assault and the gaunts take out a second terminator while losing one gaunt.

Turn 4: The rest of the space marne army (minus the terminators) charge into CC and try to do some damage. A few ork boys are lost. The dreadnought, captain, and most of the remaining tactical squad are taken out. The tactical squad runs away. The terminators take down two more gaunts.

Orks and nids take out everything except the terminators. Orks move in for final assault.
I moved the syanpse away from the gaunts in CC for 2 reasons. First, I didn't want the synapse to be charged. Second, if the gaunt survived, I wanted him to be able to fall back into synapse range(which would have let me claim another objective). The terminators take out 2 more gaunts and 1 is able to run away. The gamble worked.

Turn 5: The terminators charge the orks and get taken out.

In conclusion, 500/500 vs. 1000 pts. 35 point of tyranids were lost. These were seven of the finest gaunts I may ever have the privelidge to play with. It is now time to go order some terminator helmets to paint and place on the bases. Gentlemen, I shall now have a set of "termigaunts" in my army due to their success against terminators.