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    Help VS Dark Eldar

    Greetings, we have a doubles tournament in a week and the most problems our team has is against DE players, there will be two teams DE/CSM; we have some difficulty beating the eldar part of the list. This is what we have on our own:

    Boss – 135 pts
    Warbike, Klaw, Cybork;

    Kommandos – 165 pts
    5 Kommandos – 2 Burnas;

    Nobz – 370 pts
    Warbikes, Cybork, Frags;
    Nob – Klaw;
    Nob – Klaw, Waaagh! Banner;
    Nob – Uge Choppa;
    Nob – Uge Choppa, Boss Pole;
    Dok – Dok’s Tools, Urty Syringe, Grot Orderly;

    Gretchin – 40 pts
    10 Gretchin, Rutherd;

    Boyz – 160 pts
    Nob – Klaw, Pole;
    19 Boyz;

    Heavy Support
    Battle Wagon – 130 pts
    Deff Rolla, Armour Plates, Stikkbomb Chukka, Big Shoota;

    /1000 pts /

    Canoness – 135 pts
    Inferno Pistol, Eviscerator, Jump Pack, Cloak of St. Aspira, Mantle of Ophelia, Book of St. Lucious;

    Ordo Malleus Inquisitor – 139 pts
    Psychic Hood, Bolter, Auspex;
    3 Heavy Bolter Servitors – Targeter, Heavy Bolter, CCW;
    2 Mystics – Laspistols;
    1 Hierophant – Laspistol;

    Battle Sister Squad I – 229 pts
    VSS – Bolter, Brazier of Holy Fire, Melta Bombs, Book of St. Lucious;
    9 Sisters – 7 bolters, Flamer, Heavy Flamer;
    Extra Armor, Hunter-Killer Missile;

    Battle Sister Squad II – 222 pts
    VSS – Bolter, Brazier of Holy Fire, Melta Bombs, Book of St. Lucious;
    9 Sisters – 7 bolters, 2 meltaguns;
    Extra Armor, Hunter-Killer Missile;

    Heavy Support
    Exorcist – 135 pts

    Exorcist – 135 pts

    / 1000 pts / 4 faith /

    I would hope you will betray your secrets if the inquisition will promise to ship some of its "test subjects" to you instead. The DE will have several ravagers with two-thee sniper squads; archon with crazy infinitely high initiative retinue;
    We tried taking out ravagers but fail because of lack of long-rang anti-armor we have;

    thanks =)

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    This is one of the few times where I'd suggest to try to beat DE at their own game. The nob bikers are a very powerful unit, so use a unit of footsloggers as bait (grots/sister squad) and try to draw out the combat units into the open. Turbo booost with bikes where possible to increase survivability without getting into assault range and use the outflanking kommandos to get at the ravager. Big shootas are better than burnas for hitting rear armour if you have rthem, and snikrot can also be useful in assaults due to mork's teeth.

    I don't know what the chaos stuff you're facing too is, but hopefully there's enough I've not mentioned in the anti-DE stakes for you to be able to cope.

    Oh, and also, DE die VERY easily to any sort of massed firepower. Check out my ToP WIP in the projects section!

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