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    Possible uses for goblin spider riders?

    I recently scored big on Ebay, and I picked up all the goblins from the battle of Skull Pass for WHFB, and figured they'd make awesome grots for my ever expanding ork army. However, the set also comes with ten giant spiders with goblins riding them, and I'm at a loss, I immediately thought "Warbikes!" but wasnt sure it that would go over well since they have grots riding them. I was thinking of replacing the gobbos on top with proppa boyz and building some orky armor for the spiders out of plasticard. Also, what do you guys think I should do with the troll? That's a tricky one, ad I can't think of anything, so I was hoping you epic ork players might be able to give me a hand, thanks!

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    Whatever you want! That's the beauty of Ork armies, ridiculous conversions are not only tolerated, but expected! ^_^

    As long as you have the right bits to attach, that troll would make a fine warboss (albeit an UGLY one).

    The spiders are a little bit trickier. You could attatch the riders and use them as runtherders. You could also put Orks on them and use them as kommandos (more of a decrative than practical move, since you'd be using up Ork and spider models). Or if you're using tankbustas, it wouldn't be that hard to attach explosives instead of a goblin, and use them as bomb squigs.

    You could glue Orks and guns to them and use them as warbikes, but that'd be a bit of a stretch (although I've seen people use boars as bikes).

    If you have some extra bits, hulls, or plasticard, you could even have the spiders dragging rolling platforms, and use them as trukks. Again, it's a stretch, but it'd be fun.

    Good luck!
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    just put another gobbo on the back, plasticard a stand, glue on some rokkit's, and now you've got rokkit buggy's! of course.. they may not be big enough..
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