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    'Ard Boyz? and 'Ard Nobz

    Are they worth it? I just resently played a game with Orks, I basically have 2 boxed sets of AoBR worth of orks. I upgraded the Nobz to have a 4+ save and placed one of them in each of the squads. With the current shooting alocation rules, I always placed the first would on the nob so I would actually get a save, seemed to work pretty well.

    So this got me thinking, to expand on the army I bought a whole unit of boyz and ebayed all the bitz to make a full unit of 'Ard Boyz. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Either matter, making all nobz have a 4+ or the 'Ard Boyz.

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    In my humble opinion, and I am sure many others as well...

    ...For the love of Mork, don't allocate wounds to your Nobz! That's what all the boyz are there for.

    Seriously, mobz of Boyz are essentially delivery methods for Power Klaw Nobz. They are meant to die by the dozens, and risking a wound on your Nob to save one boy... just seems silly when you're risking such great CC power! Trust me, you're going to have enough boyz to do some serious hurting no matter what, and those Nobz are just too important to risk for a measly 0.33 better chance at passing a save!

    'Ard Boyz on the other hand. I, personally, like them. Though I'd never play them competatively. It is the general concencus that, since it's so easy to gain a 4+ cover save these days, those points are wasted.. but still, I have fun actually passing a few saves in close combat I find that the fear factor they present to my opponents is often more than enough reason to like them. But, as I said, I'd never play them competatively -- they just cost too much!

    In the end, my advice for you.. don't worry about keeping your boyz too safe, not when you can spend those points to field so many more boyz! They run, they get shot, and a lot of them die in the process, but it's what they love doing, 'cause eventually they will get stuck in!
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    Just around the corner...

    There was a recent topic on this exact subject, if you want to look, but my personal opinion is that they work fine in either trukks or battlewagons, but never on foot. On foot it's easy to get a cover save, as the 'boss' said. In a vehicle they're far more likely to get into close combat, which is where the armor really comes in useful, and if the vehicle explodes, the armor will help keep them alive. Just don't send them up against enemies that ignore armor saves.
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