Are you interested in VISUALLY STUNNING, weekly miniatures gaming around Redmond, WA?

Sean Patten, the guy behind NECROMUNDICON and IRONHANDS.COM, is inviting you to stop by and check out his minis campaign gaming in Redmond!

Currently we’re in the midst of a GORKA MORKA campaign- Orks with guns and cars bash each other’s heads in and collect scrap from the wastes to build their empires.


NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. We use an easy to learn home brew rules set.
MINIATURES PROVIDED. As long as you can promise not to eat ‘em, we have all the models and terrain you’ll need.
MATURE PLAYERS WELCOME. We’re not obnoxious kids. We’re obnoxious adults!

WHEN AND WHERE? With surprising regularity, we’ve managed to meet every THURSDAY night at 7:30 PM for gaming mayhem. Just drop by and say hi, we’ll try to throw you right into a game! Genesis Games and Gizmos in Redmond:,+WA&fb=1&cid=16377044100635538502&li=lmd& z=14&t=m

Yours in mayhem,