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    New necron player

    Hi all, I have just started collecting necrons. Long time fantasy player just starting to learn this side of the hobby. I won a battle force box and am picking up another army from someone leaving the hobby in a couple of weeks.

    This is what I will end up with:

    Warriors- 68
    Destroyers- 7
    Scarab swarms- 14
    Heavy destroyer- 1
    Lord with res orb

    Now what do I need to get to fill out my army.

    I was thinking of converting some of the warriors to immortals and flayed ones using the page I saw on how to do it.

    Then I was thinking a monolith and a couple of tomb spyders. Should I get another heavy destroyer or can I field just one? Would I be able to make a competitive list with this?

    Thanks for looking,

    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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    Hey SirKently, welcome to the tomb.

    Monolith, tombspyders are a great addition. I tend to say field two heavy destroyers (or two squads of two) if you're going to use them.

    With the number of warriors you have, yeah converting a handful of them into flayed ones/immortals is a great idea.

    With the models you own right now you could honestly make a competative list. Just piles of warriors isn't always a bad thing. (60 would notably put you straight up past 1k points).

    Destroyers are the heavy-hitters of the necron force at range, alternatively tomb spyders are the heavy hitters in melee. Destroyers work best (for most people) in two squads of 3, it allows you to split your fire or focus it as needed, and if one squad goes down, it can still get WBB. They are fast enough to flank and get side-shots on tank armor (enabling them to kill many tanks outright) Heavy Destroyers are for tank killing (and monstrous creatures) they're also useful for super-heavy infantry.

    Warriors and Immortals are infantry shooting squads, and they can kill anything in the game with a few volleys of fire (focusing them on one target is generally a good idea)

    Scarabs are a tie-up units (think unarmored fast cav, i.e. dire wolves or warhounds) except they can actually defeat smaller squads of enemies, Imperial Guardsmen and Guardian Defenders are great targets for them, as are vehicles, if you add disruption fields.

    Res orb lord is the only hero you're ever really going to NEED to play Necrons, other wargear options can give you some rather fun and nasty tricks though. I've been a long-time fan of Veil of Darkness, however there are plenty to choose from. Unless you use a destroyer lord, don't take the warscythe upgrade, just keep the Staff of Light, it's more effective.

    Mobility isn't a Necron armie's strong suit, Jetbikes will give you a reasonable bit, as can teleportation, but the force works better phalanx-style for most of your troops (keeping resorb coverage is rather important after all.

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