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    T`au 500point Army list

    Well here is my army list i know that this has a lack of anti SM power am thinking of dropping 4 pathfinders and 4 Fire warriors for a fusion blaster,rocketpod and Stimulants and shield genarator for more anti Tank fire power

    499/500 Pts

    HQ -
    Squad 1-98pts
    Shas`el - Shield Genrator,Burst Cannon and Airbursting Fragmantion Projector


    Troops - 200 Pts
    Squad 1
    11 Shas`la - all pulse rifles

    Squad 2
    11 Shas`la - all pulse rifles

    Heavy Support -

    Fast attack-181pts

    Squad 1 8 Path finders1 Devilfish With disruption pod and 2 seeker missiles

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    I see that this is your first post here. Welcome, and I suggest you read the primers first before posting.

    There is a subforum for army lists, in order to keep the main page from getting cluttered by them. Post this over there and you'll get more positive responses.

    That said, check your points totals. you have 22 fire warriors in your Troops section but say that you're only paying 200 points, you're short by 20. In addition, taking two weapons and no multitracker on a battlesuit is a major mistake except in some very specific circumstances. Your commander can hard-wire his, so no need to take up a hardpoint to do it. Once you look back through your list and repost where it is supposed to go, I'll be able to help you more.
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