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    Mech Guard.. uh oh

    Hey guys. I've got a game later tonight with a mech guard player, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for taking them on? I was thinking about 3 sniper fexes and a scything flyrant and trying to just bog down a few of them with glances before my flyrant reaches them. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Also, I have to zoanthrope models but they both recently broke and the green stuff is now curing so they're out of commision.

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    If he's using alot of tanks then he won't have as many infantry. This means fewer units for him to use to shoot at you. I think that dividing up your broods if possible will be good. Divide a brood of six Warriors into two broods of three if space on your FOC allows it. Lictors will be helpful against those tanks. Lictors can pop out of the bushes and chew a hole in the rear-end of a Leman russ.

    Even though Gaunts won't do much to tanks you should take some. They will distract him as players often enjoy flattening Gaunts with tanks and they can attack infantry. Genestealers with scuttlers can outflank and hit his tanks in the side. You could also try a Hive tyrant on foot with scything talons and Tyrant guard. Mkae it cheap as being a monstrous creature it can penetrate easily in assault. You could use the Hive tyrant (Marauder Tyrant) I put at the end of the Carnifex, tyrant build thread as a guide, here It doesn't have many upgrades but the warpblast will be handy and things like acid maw and implant attack aren't needed to kill Guard. I think just hit him from lots of different directions will bombing him with your Sniperfexes will work well.
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    Mechanized guards are tough. I play both nidzilla and mech IG. Outflanking genestealers is always a good idea, though I have to warn you that if the guard player is experienced, and mech players usually are, he'll make your outflanking units miserable with an Officer of the Fleet.

    A T7 carnifex w/2+ armor is a good idea. His lasguns won't be able to hurt it. And the LR battle tanks & basilisks won't hurt it either. Plasmas will need 4's to wound it. However, it could be troublesome if he takes lascannon heavy weapon squads w/the Bring It Down! order (though I doubt it if he's playing mechanized) or a Leman Russ Punisher w/Pask.

    If you take any gaunts, be sure to give them Without Number. The sure number of template/blast weapons mean that your gaunts will die in droves.

    Finally, your best anti-tank would be a cc-flyrant. Get up close and fast. Just make sure you provide him with lots of cover and position him so that a minimal amount of shots can be fired at him.

    My 1500 mech guards include something like this:

    Company command squad - 1x lascannon, Officer of the Fleet, Master of Ordnance, Chimera
    Inquisitor - Emperor's Tarot, 2x mystics
    3x Vet squads - 3x lascannons, 9x meltaguns, 3x Chimeras
    Penal Legionnaires
    Leman Russ Executioner - lascannon, 2x plasma cannons
    Leman Russ Punisher - lascannon, 2x plasma cannons, Commander Pask

    So far I haven't lost with them yet (3 wins, 1 draw). I just sit back as far back as possible and shoot until the enemy gets close.
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