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    Starting Infantry horde list, need help!

    Hey everybody, I've been wanting to get my Waaagh! on the road, and I'm looking for some advice from experienced Ork players on what to run with what i have available. I currently have a warboss w/ PK and Bosspole, 6-man nob squad, 3 warbikes w/nob (PK & bosspole), 51 boys including 2 nobz w/ the usual, 1 Trukk, kustom-made battlewagon of killkannon death, 3 deffkoptas and 5 lootas. I also have $220, and I need advice on what to get next for a horde army. I'm looking to eventually run four 30-man squads, supported by either one 20-man squad of stormboyz, or two 10-man squads. I also want to run Ghazghkull and a warphead weirdboy for HQ so i can get stuck in faster. Tankhunters maybe, also? I have $220 to go on, suggestions where to start? Thanks a lot!

    P.S. what would you guys think about running one of the 30-man squads as 'ard boyz as a bodyguard for ghazghkull or my weirdboy?

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    Well, the first thing you should definitely do is either get another battlebox, or try and split another 'Assault on Black Reach' set with a marine playing friend. If you're up for it, getting 'both' might not be a bad idea.

    Generally, this is what you really need to add to make an effective horde:

    40-50 more boyz (shootas preferably, if they're on foot)
    a nob with a powerklaw and bosspole for each unit of boyz
    2 deffkoptas (I never use units smaller than 5)
    2-3 more warbikes (ditto, and they need a nob, powerklaw, and bosspole)
    Big Mek w/Kustom Force Field (you could just convert a boss into one if you like)
    9+ Kommandos w/2 burnas (For a horde list, I'd consider using the nobz as kommandos)
    Snikkrot (for the kommandos, and you can just convert a nob)
    1-2 boxes of lootas (I'd use 2 units of 9 lootas, using meks w/big shootas if need be)

    Finally, knock the killkannon off the battlewagon, or just use it as a kannon. In a horde list, you're much better off using it as a transport for 20 shoota boyz, to help claim distant objectives.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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