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    Ard Boyz Battle Reports

    How did everyone fare at the Ard Boyz? I qualified for the semi-finals, although I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it. Regardless, here's the list that got me there:

    The first match was against Imperial Guard, in the 5 objective mission. He was running 5 Leman Russes, 1 unit veterans in a chimera, 1 unit of deep striking Grey Knights, 1 unit of deep striking storm troopers, 1 unit of sentinels, 1 unit of ratlings, and a whole lot of regular troops and heavy weapons teams.

    He merged the troops, since killpoints counted towards victory (not as much as objectives, but they still counted). I set up first, and he set up his tanks to blow apart my battlewagons and nob bikers. Luckily, I saw this tactic coming, and immediately steered everything away from his Leman Russes, up the opposite side of the board. At first he shot me to pieces, but as soon as my boyz and kans reached his front lines, they began wrecking his troops, and the lootas really put the hurt on the rest. He countered with enough firepower to keep me from claiming his objectives, but I still managed to wipe out his troops and claim my own objectives, giving me a major victory.

    The second match was a humiliating defeat for me, and I swear to God, outside of serious tournaments, I'm never playing against double lash chaos lists ever again. The player was a very good player, and a really nice guy, but he was determined to get as far as possible, so he played an incredibly cheesy list with 2 daemon princes with lash, a land raider filled with terminators, 3 units of obliterators, 1 unit of berserkers, and 2 units of noise marines.

    I simply couldn't counter the lash, especially since it was dawn of war and night fighting (he had searchlights, so he basically didn't suffer from it at all). Before I could do anything, the princes were lashing everything, lascannons were crippling my vehicles, and he merely kept backing away as I tried to march forward. It quickly became obvious that he could effortlessly keep pushing my units back out of range, and that my only hope were my vehicles. When the vehicles were all blown up with lascannons, I conceded. He wound up winning the tournament with about 14 more points than second place.

    I swear, I'm never playing against a double lash list again. I don't mind losing, but when there's literally no hope of winning, and I can't even get into combat, it's no fun at all. I can't believe GW would give an army such an obviously broken rule, especially since it doesn't make any sense fluff-wise. My Orks are fearless! Why are they running in fear from the lash? Why isn't there any sort of roll or defense I can use to avoid it?

    Anyway, I must've been really annoyed from that game, because I absolutely thrashed my opponent in the third round. He was a very good Dark Eldar player, with a raider rush list including wyches, warriors, reavers, ravagers, and a talos, but I had a good amount of experience playing against him, and knew what to do. I kept all my vehicles in reserve, to avoid the dark lances, and softened his army up with my lootas, SAG, and shootas on foot. With the ravagers quickly desposed of, my vehicles came in and mopped up. He did his best, but he had a questionable strategy of trying to hold objectives with single raiders filled with warriors. I think he would've done better if he ganged up on me, rather than grab the objectives early. I won with a massacre, and gained all 4 bonus points.

    In the end, it was the cheesy Chaos player with first place, my friend Alex and his Tyranids for second (I didn't play against it, but it was a shooty-MC list), and myself for a very close third. I would've gotten second, but Alex's second opponent threw a tantrum when things stopped going his way, and conceded when the match basically only started (that guy was a nut), giving Alex a perfect victory in the second round.

    So how did everyone else do?

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    No 'Ard boyz for me. I like tense, close games, but enjoy softer lists too much to bother facing dual lashs, dual nob bikerz, shooty nidzillas, and the like.

    A friend of mine won this ard boyz round in Northern NJ by bringing a fateweaver/plaguebearers/bloodcrushers daemon list and its re-rollable saves.
    "Politics is the womb in which war develops"

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    While I didn't play in the Ard Boyz this year, I did go to our local circuit to watch for a while. There were 2 Chaos lists and 2 Ork lists. Chaos #1 had Abaddon and Lash prince but lost to a footsloggin eldar list. Chaos #2 had 6 land raiders and was going against a SM list with 5 land raiders! Didn't see how that turned out. Ork #1 with battlewagons massacred his opponent and Ork #2 w/the green tide got a minor victory against Shrike + 30 TH/SS termies.

    I played against Chaos double-lash once, and I can tell you the key to beating them for non-eldar/non-psychic hood armies is go mechanized. I played him in 1500 with my mechanized guards. He had Lash DP and last sorcerer, 3x oblits, defiler, predator and 3 squads of noise marines/beserkers in rhinos. I had command in chimera, inquisitor w/mystics, vets in chimeras, a Leman Russ Executioner, Punisher and Medusa. I sent him home packing by turn 3. Now he won't play my IG's anymore, and they're not even one of cheesier lists w/multiple valks/vends.

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