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    Arts of the Red Harvest: Monstrous Daemons

    Hello again servants of the Star Gods!

    This week is the third in our "Monster Month" series. And this time we're going over some monsters with slightly different abilities than the normal "big gun big melee attack." Warp spawned from the insanity of the mortal races, creatures nearly as evil, and definitely more twisted, than even the Necrons are. Daemons.

    This arts will go over Daemonprinces, as well as all forms of greater daemons. And once again it will be up to you guys, as I've never faced them and don't feel like going on a theoryhammer tangent.

    So what sort of Daemon monsters do you face? What abilities do you have trouble with and how do you attempt to counter them? Are there other options besides piles of destroyers to take them down? ( )

    EDIT: I'd also like to apologize for the extreme tardiness of this weeks Arts, I've been caught up in the Campaign and real life lately and wasn't able to get around to it.

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    Well having been brutally demoralized by Deamons on about 3 occasions now. The Great unclean one, 2 deamon princes, and a blood thirster are HOLY MOTHER OF DEATH...Soul Grinders I don't fear too much as they are vehicles (which we can manage at least). However, with the lack luster of negating FNP and such on his Great unclean one and many other things, it just makes me wish I had more to offer.

    I now field a deceiver which after softening up these kinds of targets can be nice before assaulting to finish him off. HOWEVER, when I fail to ignore either his ICONS or his 3+ flamer squads I live to regret it.

    So all in all, keep your distance (VERY hard to do if dawn of war deployment happens, I found myself cornered as he DROPPED right next to me and I couldn't access more than half the board very easily.

    Brutal, just brutal. I would rate the deamon big uglies on par with Nids or Wraithlords because they are HARD to kill and not vehicles and gauss may auto wound, but doesn't prevent their AWSOME saves (hoping Ctan will change that now that I own him).

    My tactic has been to FOCUS FIRE. Don't try to weaken stuff, REMOVE it. WIPE his plaguebearing icons (these guys are not scary, it's just the fact you'll probably get a LOT of on target drops right next to you if you don't keep them back) from the table, or wipe his BIG UGLIES from the table, or wipe his flamers. Don't try to do PARTIALS...i've been sorry many times.
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    I just played against Daemons with my Daemonhunters in a 2500pt game, and I must say that they are tough! I think they are a nightmare for necrons to play against.

    DO NOT try to engage them in cc. Even with the Nightbringer or Deceiver! Shoot them with all you've got.

    His daemonettes put up a lot of rending attacks. A squad of 20 daemonettes on the charge will have 80 attacks! That actually happened to me and he wiped out my squad of Grey Knights, though in the previous turn my GK's incinerated and wiped out one of his squads of 20 daemonettes (no saves!).

    His plaguebearers are tough to kill with their Feel No Pain and wounds all, even C'tans on 4+.

    Bloodletters all have power weapons.

    His monstrous creatures are not as scary as the C'tan, but the Bloodthirster and Keeper of Secrets will give the c'tans a run for their money.

    Skulltaker causes Instant Death on a wound of 4+.

    Bloodcrushers are just horrible! One of the toughest, deadliest units. I'd rank them up there with TH/SS termies and Nob bikers.

    All daemons have Inv saves (though poor armor saves) and are immune to Instant Death.


    I would get a c'tan. It'll make him think twice before charging. His troops will tarpit the c'tan, so a deceiver would be a good idea. On the other hand, the nightbringer's etheric tempest is very useful on daemonettes, who could otherwise potentially kill a c'tan with all their rending attacks.

    If you get a lord, give him a warscythe to ignore Inv saves.

    Load up on troops. The more the better. You need all the shooting.

    Monoliths are worth considering. Only a bloodthirster or bolts of tzeentch has any chance to destroy them. None of his other MC's can hurt them.

    I also like destroyers against them. They are fast and can usually get out of the way, unless he's playing a slaanesh list.

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    I play both armies so I know a little of the ins and outs.

    Necrons to survive Deamons..........

    1. Use a monolith..... There are so many tactical uses for it, Itll be doing something every turn.
    A. Dont deep stirke it, you need it on the table every turn.
    B. Use it to pull engauged units out of assault or assault range.
    C. Stay close to it, so that ALL enemy units too close to it are shot by GFAP.
    D. Use it as a large obsticle hes got to go around.
    E. Very little can damage it.. Soul Grinder can if it has the tongue upgrade, but its not very accurate.

    2. Use VOD, either to pull out of assault range, assault or to get to objective.
    3. Stay together, he will probably try to drop close to your troops. Staying tight then you dictates where he drops. A close drop by you and he chances a mishap. Use that to your advantage. A good daemon play will try to spread you out and attack 1 unit to 1 unit.
    4. Shoot the Icons, he paid a pretty penny for those things, if possible focus fire and take the ICON out. If you don'tt then its easy for him. He mearly places within 6 in. and there they appear.
    5. Get units in cover. Hes going to have to assault you, thats pretty obvious, make it difficult for him and have him attack 2nd at least. Some have krack grenade equivilent if they paid for the points. I usually don't.
    6. Remember that C'Tan ignores armore saves and invulnerable armor saves as well. I still am not sure they are worth thier points against daemons or not, but at least the enemy will be running toward you rather than away from you.
    7. Destroyers are your friend. Hopefully they can stay out of assault with their speed and they do the other thing needed to beat Daemons. Wound the enemy. Most of them have a +4 of +5 invul save. Pile on the wounds and make him save.
    8. Make him go first if you win init. Daemon players will usualy always pick to go 2nd if givin the chance. Going first denys you targets to shoot at.

    Good luck
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