Lately, as I try to desgin a good force that can effectivley beat an army, say.... about a 1000pts minimum. That's just a little under the total point amount of my army right now. I just want to know which units I should buy next. I want to have a force that can beat just about an army; nids, SM's, IG, eldar, orks, etc. And if possible, I want some feedback on my current army.

I've got 10 firewarriors with pulse rifles, 1 Shas'ui with

A Shas'o with a plasma rifle, airbursting frag gun, a position relay, HW drone controller, 1 marker drone, 1 gun drone.

A stealth team, all have a targeting arrays, 1 FB and 2 burst cannons, a markerlight, bonding knife, and one HW target-lock on my Shas'el.

A Broadside with SMS, a targeting array and HW multi-tracker

A Hammerhead with a railgun and SMS with a seeker missle and sensor spines.

Two devilfish, each has a targeting array and sensor spines, but one has two seeker missles.

16 kroot

1 sniper drone team

1 Shas'el XV8 with twin-linked FB's, a targeting array, plus irridium and stims.

Also, I have three pathfinders with rail rifles, but it's not enough for a unit.

I apprecite any help that I can be given.