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    Eldar Planetstrike Tactics

    So I finally got up the nerve to try and build a Planetstrike defensive list. Id been putting it off for awhile now, mostly because I wasnt sure what I wanted to do with it .
    Then I got to thinking about defensive tactics for Eldar. Basically sitting on a Bastion would put me back into my Static Fire Line mode. Then I started looking at the 6 heavies I could carry. Now, I dont own more than 2 Falcons and 2 Wave Serpents , and an oddly numbered 4 Walkers. Thats 4 heavies tops, not near enough to please me for a defensive strat when I have so much more available to me.
    I started browsing the heavy support choices a little deeper, and rediscovered Support Weapon Platforms . Personally, Ive never ever used them in any list. Not because they aren't good...mostly because I couldn't see the purpose in having an Eldar heavy weapon that couldn't move and shoot . Move or fire is for those slow marines and orcs. Meh...
    However, I looked pretty closely at the rules for Guess Weapons, and the rules for D Cannons, and found that a squad of 3 (3! Never realized you could group em ) would hold a static fire line quite well, especially ensconced in a Bastion that gives them a 4+ Cover save. Forget the Warlock...all he could really provide that would be halfway useful is a 5+ cover save.
    A quick rundown of the benefits of a D Cannon. Even at 24", its an Ordnance weapon that wounds on a 2+, has an AP of 2, glances on a 3-4, pens on a 5-6, and has a 4+ cover save (while in the Bastion), the squad seems to be made for this role .
    The other two choices are considerably cheaper and have their own benefits and downfalls, the greatest of which is much higher range and little to no AP (though the Vibrocannon does auto-glance ).
    I was thinking of putting a unit of Shadow Weavers alongside a unit of D Cannons, all perched on my Bastion, with the Banshees holding tight down below all safe and snug in their fancy reclining Wave Serpent waiting room. Maybe fill out a couple of Prisms for scare effect and some Flanking Walkers and Scorpions. Oh yeah and a big pile of Ranger Pathfinders sitting up on the Bastion and enjoying their 2+ cover save while picking off the more annoying parts of the enemy army.
    Oh yes I realize that the Bastion is not invincible, but its really not that easy to kill either...

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    My tactics for defensive planet strike is to entirely reserve, with 1 objective in the middle, and cover that benefits me,, taking mainly units in transports and hawks and spiders, it turns it into an all together larger kill points battle with strange reserves rules, but yes, D-cannons are awesome, in fact i want 1,, or 6 it's definitely a unit I haven't considered before, thanks for the enligtenment (:

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