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    A have a dream of an Orky army..

    I'm quite a newbie when it comes to 40k. I've been on and off since I was 11..But After going through army to army..I've finally settled on Orks.

    I can go any way from here with my army, because I have a very small army at the moment.

    I have 31 boyz, 5 Nobz, a Warboss, 3 Deffkoptas, 4 Lootas with a Mek.

    So my plan is..

    Lots of Meganobz with painboyz

    Lots of Nobz with big choppas, And put them in Trukks for Blitzing

    Lots of Burnas, same in Trukks for Blitz

    A small squad of Tankbustas,

    Looted Basilisk

    Two full squads of Shoota Boyz

    This is pure speculations, with only a slight consulation of the Codex.

    Would this work? A super tough super choppy army with Artillery distractions?

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    First of all, welcome to the Orks!

    Second, I'd start by getting the new codex. Several of the things you've listed don't work with the new codex, and other things simply wouldn't work well.

    You can't put painboyz in units of meganobz, only in normal nobz and biker nobz. You can attach Mad Dok Grotznik to a unit of meganobz, but that'd be the only way of giving them a painboy.

    You can't give trukks to burnas. You'd need to take a looted wagon or battlewagon as a heavy choice for them to ride in. Only boyz and nobz can take trukks.

    Big choppas aren't very good anymore. They give +2 strength, but don't affect the opponent's save at all. Powerklaws are a LOT better.

    You can't have a specific looted vehicle anymore. You can only have a looted wagon, and give it various options. There isn't a basilisk gun, although there is a boomgun, which is strength 8, AP3, 36in range, but isn't indirect.

    I'd also check out the topic in the 2008 index called 'the basics'. A few people, including myself, put it together as a basic guide for new Ork players.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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    Also, make sure you check out the latest version of the rules if you haven't yet. Troops are now critical to win most missions.

    Burnas, nobz, and meganobz all occupy Elite choices (although 1 unit of nobz and meganobz per warboss can become troops), which means that you may have to make tough choices.

    Read the articles, like Grax indicates.

    And in the end, pick up the models you like the best
    "Politics is the womb in which war develops"

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    AKM is right, dont buy a unit of something you dont really want just because you think you might need it. I absolutely adore Stormboyz, thinking that they not only look the shiz but also are very fun to play with. I dont however like Tankbustas, and therefore I have no real intention in buying them, even though they seem to be a solid unit, I am not to happy about the if they see a vehicle they must shoot at it rule. The Tankbombs are quite a solid piece of equipment, bt stil I prefer oher models.

    Gaming is supposed to be fun, but remember that only the most up to date rules and codexes can be used, which although might seem to be a pain, they are a pivotal piece in wargaming.

    If a budget is a problem, then make sure you dont buy too much, and make sure you only buy the things you can actually use. My younger cousin has a Kroot based Tau army, but as I play orks he wanted to get the advantage Commander Farsight gave, however he bought it without realising that you cant field Kroots and Farsight in the same army, which in affect is a waste of £15, which he could have easily spent on another Kroot Squad.

    I have been building up my Ork army now for around 8 weeks, and I own just about 1200 points, and that was just buying the AOBR box set, a Big Mek, a Stormboy set and also a Ork Battleforce, so being smart with your units, can help keep a relative budget, and also help you save up for the more expensive units and models, in both money and in points.

    I kinda went a little off topic, but I thoroughly believe all of the above helped me.
    Orc Army 40k. Wins 5 -2 Losses. Loss vs Chaos Marines.
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