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    Cults and Kabals - Ideas for the DE

    Cults and Kabals - Ideas for the next Dark Eldar Codex

    As we all know, our Codex needs an update. I don’t think the current one is very bad, but it does need bringing up to date. With that in mind, here are my thoughts on changes and additions to the current Codex.

    Dark Eldar Special Rules

    Any Dark Eldar units which began the game with a Raider as dedicated transport, may Fall Back towards their Raider instead of moving towards the board edge. Units can not Fall Back towards immobilised or destroyed Raiders.

    1). Raider Squads

    Weapons: Close Combat Weapon and a Splinter Rifle or Splinter Pistol

    - Equip the entire squad with Plasma Grenades at +1pts per model.
    - Up to one model may replace its Splinter weapon with a Poison Blade at +3pts, Shredder at +10pts or Blaster at +10pts.
    - Up to one model may replace its Splinter weapon with a Dark Lance or Splinter Cannon at +10pts.
    - Replace all the Splinter Rifles in the squad with Hellglaives at a cost of +1 pt per model

    2). Grotesques

    Grotesque WS4, BS0, S3, T3, W1, I4, A1, Ld6, Sv5+ [8 points]

    Squad: 5-10

    Wargear: Pair of claws, counting as two close combat weapons.

    Grotesque units may be fielded as Retinues for Haemonculi.

    Transport: If the squad is fielded as Retinue it can have a Raider. Grotesques can only embark or disembark when accompanied by an Independent character.

    Special Rules: Stupid (as per current Codex), Stubborn, Fleet, Feel No Pain (using the USR from the main rule book, not the rule in the Dark Eldar codex), Heamonculus Drugs

    Heamonculus Drugs
    Before deployment, but after terrain has been placed, throw 1D6 for each unit which have Heamonculus Drugs:
    1. Fleet of Foot
    2. +1S
    3. +1T
    4. -1I
    5. +1WS
    6. Furious Assault

    If the unit is a Retinue, it may re-roll its Heamonculus Drugs roll.

    3). Hellions
    16pts per model

    Wargear: Hellion Skyboard, and Hellglaive or Wych Weapons

    - Extra to give all Hellions in the squad Haywire Grenades +4 pts per Hellion.
    - Extra to give all Hellions in the squad Plasma Grenades +1 pt per Hellion.
    - Extra to give all Hellions in the squad Tormentor Helms +2 pts per Hellion, +5 pts for the Succubus

    Reduce Hellion Succubus cost to +8 pts. The reason being that it does not add to the squad’s leadership, only gaining +1A and access to the Armoury.

    Up to two Hellions may replace their Hellglaive with a Shredder at +10 pts, Blaster at +10 pts, or Poisoned Blades +5 pts.

    Hellion Dodge: 5+ invulnerable in close combat (as well as their usual shooting dodge)

    Hellion Drugs
    1 Feel No Pain
    2 +1S
    3 +1A
    4 Re-roll Hit and Run dice
    5 Re-roll any misses in close combat
    6 +1WS

    4). Mandrakes

    Currently they are so rarely fielded, that they are almost invisible. Usually only newbies field them, and soon stop. Critically with the current Mandrakes, their Hidden Deployment may protect them for a while, and equally useful allow them to deploy in a choice of places, when they do arrive on-board, they are completely ineffectual. They can’t blow enemies away with shooting, nor can they be effective in assaults.

    Mandrake WS4, BS4, S3, T3, W1, I5, A1, Ld8, Sv5+ [14 points]
    Mandrake Sybarite WS4, BS4, S3, T3, W1, I5, A2, Ld8, Sv5+ [+6 points]

    Squad: 5-10
    Wargear: Splinter pistol and close combat weapon

    Special Rules: Fleet, Shadow-Skinned, Hidden Deployment.

    New version of Hidden Deployment: During deployment each Mandrake unit can choose one of the following options:
    - Hidden Deployment – as per current Codex
    - Infiltrate
    - Scout

    The Mandrake Sybarite may replace their close combat weapon for a Power Weapon +10 pts or Poisoned Blades +5pts. It may be equipped with a Trophy Rack for +5pts. Mandrake Sybarites may not choose any other wargear upgrades.

    5). Incubi

    - Give all the Incubi in the unit Soul Seeker Ammunition at a cost of +2 pts per model.
    - Plasma Grenades should be 1pt.

    6). Wyches

    Give all Wyches in the squad Plasma Grenades: 1pt per model

    Wych Drugs
    1 Feel No Pain
    2 +1S
    3 +1A
    4 Assault 12” and Fall Back 3D6”
    5 Re-roll any misses in close combat
    6 +1WS

    7). Scourges

    Including the Sybarite, all the Scourges armed with Splinter Rifles or Splinter Pistols in a squad may be given Soul Seeker Ammunition at a cost of +2 pts per model.

    Give all the Scourges in the squad Plasma Grenades: 1pt per model.

    . Heamonculi

    Heamonculi may take Heamonculus Drugs as a Wargear upgrade, costing +6pts

    They may also take the following weapons: Splinter Pistol, Agoniser, and Power Weapon.

    Heamonculus Drugs
    Before deployment, but after terrain has been placed, throw 1D6 for each unit which have Heamonculus Drugs:
    1. Fleet of Foot
    2. +1S
    3. +1T
    4. -1I
    5. +1WS
    6. Furious Assault

    9). Reavers

    - Give all the Reavers in the squad Plasma Grenades: 1pt per model.
    - Give all the Reavers in the squad Tormentor Helm: 2pts per Reaver, 5pts per Succubus

    Reaver Drugs
    1 Feel No Pain
    2 +1S
    3 +1A
    4 Skilled Riders
    5 Re-roll any misses in close combat
    6 +1WS

    10). Wargear

    Plasma Grenades: 1pt

    11). New Fast Attack choice: Slave Sled Squadron.

    0-1 Slave Sled Squadron

    Developed by the Haemonculi of the Kabal of the All-Seeing Eye, Slave Sleds use similar technology to the Talos’, combined with ancient lores on toxins long kept secret by the Succubi of the Wych cults. The Dark Eldar use these sleds to slew across the battlefield, spewing and spraying a cocktail of psychotropic nanite delivered drugs, easily penetrating all but the best armour, and disabling their enemies.

    Slave Sled: WS4, BS3, S5, T5, W2, I4, A2, Ld-, Sv3+ [60 points]

    Unit type: Eldar Jetbike.
    Squad: A Slave Sled Squadron consists of 1-3 Slave Sleds.
    Wargear: Terrofex

    Slave Sleds can fight as a unit or can be split up and attached to units of Reavers. A maximum of one Slave Sled may be attached to each squad.

    Fearless: Slave Sleds are Fearless. They lose this Special Rule if they join units of Reavers, in which case they have Ld8.


    Dark Eldar armies may be played straight from the Codex, or using the following variants: the Wych Cult of Violation, Wych Cult of Murder, Wych Cult of Strife, Wych Cult of Grief, Kabal of the Bloodied Claw, Kabal of the Emasculators, Kabal of the Black Heart, or the Kabal of the All-Seeing Eye.

    Wych Cult Armies

    Wych Cult armies a mainly drawn from mercenary Wyches and from Wych Cults seeking glory and profit. When a Wych army arrives on a planet, they tend to offer unconditional surrender to the native inhabitants, as this saves effort and maximises their booty haul. If surrender is refused, then the Wyches won’t stop assaulting until their opponents are dead or stored safely in their slave cages. It is a terrible day when a Wych fleet arrives in a system.

    All Wych Cult armies have the following changes to the basic Dark Eldar Codex army list:

    • Wych squads counts as Troops, rather than Elites.
    • Warrior and Raider squads count as Elites, rather than Troops.
    • The following unit types can not be used: Haemonculi, Groteques, Talos, Dark Eldar Archons and Dracons and their Warrior and Incubus Retinues.
    • As many Warp Beast Packs may be included, as there are Wych squads in the army, and these units do not occupy any force organisation slots.
    • The HQ slots are chosen only from Archites and Drachites, with Wych Retinues if you so choose.

    Wych Cult Army - The Wych Cult of Violation

    This time is was humans, about a thousand. Jhr’Khlk didn’t even smile. Humans just couldn’t fight; they where slow and dull opponents. To her they were the poorest opponents in the galaxy. She even preferred to fight Orks. At least their base animal instincts generated a deep sense of survival and the ability to fight back with enthusiasm. Humans had no pride and gave up too easily, they were weaklings.

    Next to Jhr’Khlk where her nine sisters. Sisters of war, sisters of the ring, but not family sisters. She hated her family and they hated her. Along with her sisters they called themselves Va N’ Shrikht – the Bright Tunnel. Many creatures reported travelling down a long bright tunnel as they died, and the sisters all liked the name. Looking up Jhr’Khlk noticed the crowd. The vast stadium was only two thirds full. That was not surprising, who wanted to watch humans fight. Still a thousand humans against ten Wyches was reasonable entertainment if the humans found a leader. If they ran like herd worms it would be a tiresome tedious slaughter.

    Some of the humans carried staffs, cudgels and clubs. Technically they shouldn’t have weapons as they were supposed to be kept unarmed and naked in the slave pens, but many traded their last wealth for simple weapons and bits of discarded armour. The guards of the slaves were all rich men. Sometime nobles paid for the slaves to be armed, expecting the spectacle to be more amusing, and playing to the crowds.

    For Jhr’Khlk it was better when the enemy was armed; and sometimes the the Va N’ Shrikht brought extra daggers and knives to give to the humans. Admittedly they did throw them at the humans first, but it did allow the smarter remaining humans to be armed.

    To increase the entertainment and bring a little quality to the fight, Va N’ Shrikht fought only with shardnets, razorsnares and splinter-shields. This dramatically lengthened the fight, and helped to stir the crowd. As more human opponents became critically injured, or ran in fear, the psychic conductors and amplifiers in the arena pumped subtle energies into both crowd and those fighting below. So as the fight got more intense so did everyone taking part, the fighters and those watching.

    Wych Cult of Violation armies have the following changes to the basic Dark Eldar Codex army list:

    • All Wych squads must be armed with Wych Weapons

    • 1 Squad of Wyches may be Fearless, at a cost of +1 pts each. An Archite or Drachite joining this unit will also become Fearless.

    • No Special characters are allowed.

    • Any Reaver Succubus may replace the Splinter Rifle in her jetbike with a Horrorfex at a cost of +5 pts.

    • Cult of Violation Succubi, Archites and Drachites may be equipped with Psychic Conductors at a cost of +5 pts

    Psychic Conductors: if the Wych unit kills more models than it loses during an assault, the enemy reduces its Leadership and Initiative by 1 for the resulting Morale tests and Sweeping Advance. To be clear, this -1 reduction is only relevant for any tests immediately resulting from the combat.

    Wych Cult Army - The Wych Cult of Murder (The Sky-Death)

    The Reaver purred as its power plant kicked in. Straddling the bike she loved so much, Shar-En quickly checked her equipment and weapons again. It paid to be professional, especially when heading into unknown territory. She had added extra chain-hooks and binding vines to her storage compartment, and hoped she would find enough enemies out there to give her a good haul for the day. Her kinfolk back home paid good money for their slaves, and the Kabals even bought the poor ones for their construction gangs.

    She glided into Merah’s Vengegance, the drop ship which would deliver her unit to the surface. The tension was almost visible, and they hadn’t applied the drug lotions yet. Sometimes the unit went crazy before they hit ‘the beach’, and fought each other. Now the Succubi only gave out the dispensers as they got close to the surface. Anticipation mounted and Shar-En broke out in a cold sweat, desperate for the nanite delivered drugs. The whole unit could almost smell their victims, and they where still ten minutes away from disembarking.

    Out at last, the Reavers rapidly got their act together. They knew where the enemy was, and immediately kicked into turbo-mode. Shar-En hated the re-breather she was forced to wear. The planet’s atmosphere was slightly corrosive, and would cause a huge amount of extra servicing for all her equipment. Her slave retainers were well trained, but would need to be pushed to achieve the desired level of maintenance this world would generate. As her night vision goggles auto-corrected for the local light level and atmospheric density, far ahead Shar-En could see some kind of tall, spiral towers. They where moving towards her, good!

    Wych Cult of Murder armies have the following changes to the basic Dark Eldar Codex army list:

    • No Special characters are allowed.

    • May not field Mandrake or Warrior squads.

    • All Wych squads and Wych Retinues must be mounted in Raiders.

    • Archites and Drachites must either be equipped with a Reaver jetbike, Hellion or begin the game riding in a Raider.

    • If Beast Packs are fielded, they must also be mounted in their own dedicated Raiders. A Raider can carry a full Pack with its Beastmaster.

    • The base cost for a Raider is reduced to 50 pts.

    • The Sky Death can replace 1x Elite slot with 1x Fast Attack slot.
    • The Sky Death can replace 1x Troops slot with 1x Fast Attack slot.
    • The Sky Death can replace 1x Heavy Support slot with 1x Fast Attack slot.

    • One squad of Hellions, Reavers or a Raider Squad, may be given the Scouts skill, at a cost of +2 pts per non-vehicle model.

    • When dicing to steal the initiative, add +1 to your dice roll.

    • New Choice, 0-1 Fast Attack choices can be taken as Flying Beast Packs.

    Fast Attack choice: Flying Beast Pack

    Flying Warp Beast: WS4, BS0, S4, T3, W1, I5, A3, Ld3, Sv6+. 12 points
    Flying Beastmaster: WS4, BS4, S3, T3, W1, I6, A1, Ld8, Sv4+. 18 points

    Squad: The Pack consists of a Flying Beastmaster and 3-5 Flying Warp Beasts

    Weapons: the Beastmaster is armed with a Splinter Pistol and an Agoniser.

    Flying Warp Beasts move as if they have a Jump Pack. If the Beastmaster is slain and the Pack are forced to Fall Back, they will return to the Warp and are removed from play.

    The Beastmaster rides a Hellion, and therefore has +5 Invulnerability Save against Shooting.

    A Flying Beast Pack counts as a Warp Beast Pack in regard to how many Warp Beast Packs may be fielded.

    Wych Cult Army - The Wych Cult of Strife

    Wych Cult of Strife armies have the following changes to the basic Dark Eldar Codex army list:

    • The only Special character allowed is Lelith Hesperax.

    • Wych Squads and Retinue do not have Combat Drugs, but automatically come armed with Splinter Pistol and Wych Weapons, and are still 12 pts each.

    • Reavers do not have Combat Drugs, and are 21 pts each. Reavers may be armed with Hellglaives at a cost of +3pts per model.

    • Hellions do not have Combat Drugs, and are 15 pts each. Hellions can replace their Hellglaives with Wych Weapons at a cost of +1 pt each.

    • 1 in 3 Wyches may have Poisoned Blades at a cost of +5 pts each. They may be used with Wych Weapons.

    • Any Succubus from the Cult of Strife may have +1WS for +1pt each.

    • 1 Squad of Wyches may be Fearless, at +1 pts each, and Lelith Hesperax, Archites or Drachites joining this unit will also become Fearless

    Wych Cult Army - The Wych Cult of Grief

    Wych Cult of Grief armies have the following changes to the basic Dark Eldar Codex army list:

    • No Special characters are allowed.

    • You must field at least one unit of Mandrakes.

    • You can not field more Mandrake squads than Wych squads.

    • If you field a second unit of Mandrakes, you may give it Furious Charge at a cost of +3 pts each.

    • If you field a third unit of Mandrakes, you may give it Infiltrate at a cost of +3 pts each.

    • You may field a single Haemonculus as one HQ choice. Not 1-3 as one HQ choice. You may only field one Haemonculus in total.

    • Any Wych squad may be made Terrifying Opponents (see Grotesques for the rules), at a cost of +2 pts per squad member.

    • Any Wych Retinue may be given Hellmasks at a cost of +3 pts per model. The Archite or Drachite with the squad must also be given a Hellmask at a cost of +5 pts. Any unit attacking a retinue with Hellmasks must succeed in a Leadership test or will only hit the Wyches on 6s during the assault.

    • The Wych Cult of Grief are highly skilled in the arts of powers of mind, and of trickery. After all deployment including Infiltrate is finished, but before Scout moves, you may move one Wych, Reaver or Hellion unit up to 12”. This movement must end with the unit still in your initial deployment area.

    Kabal Armies

    • No Kabal army may take more Wych squads than Warrior or Raider squads. Wych squads includes Wyches, Warp Beasts, Reavers and Hellions.

    • One Dark Eldar Warrior unit can be upgraded to an Elite unit: Kabal Guardsmen.

    Kabal Guardsmen: WS4, BS4, S4, T3, W1, I5, A1, Ld9, Sv4+. Splinter Rifle, or Splinter Pistol and CCW.

    Upgrades and options as per Warrior Squads.

    Kabal of the Bloodied Claw

    • Has 2-7 Troop Choices, and 0-2 Fast Attack Choices.

    • One Warrior or Raider squad must be taken, for each other Elite, Fast Attack and Heavy Support choice in your Force.

    • May upgrade 1 Warrior Squad to an Assault Warrior Squad.

    Assault Warrior Squad: 10-20 Warriors, Splinter Pistol and CCW

    Upgrades: Plasma Grenades +1pts per model. Up to 2 Warriors may replace their ccw with Poisoned Blades at a cost of +5pts each. Up to 2 Warriors without Poisoned Blades, may be additionally armed with a Shredder +10pts or Blaster +10pts.

    • Raider Squads can be fielded as Fast Attack Choices.

    • A squad of 5-8 Incubi can be fielded as an Elite choice.

    • A maximum of 2 Incubi squads or retinues may be fielded.

    • May not field Asdrubael Vect, Kruellagh the Vile, Urien Rakarth or Lelith Hesperax.

    • May not field at total of more than 2 units of Wyches, Beast Pack, Hellions or Reavers.

    • May not field Haemonculi, Grotesques or Talos

    Kabal of the Emasculators (Flayed Skull)

    Gossip was rife in Commorragh. Kruellagh was returning with more prisoners than usual, and some kind of caged beasts. What did it mean? The rumour mill was that she had finally softened her manner. It was said her age had begun to tell, and she was tiring of incessant raiding. But there was another concern, especially for the other leading Kabals. Why where the Emasculators bringing back female prisoners? Their spies and agents told that these female prisoners where in reasonably good condition, and had not been tortured at all. This particular piece of information was both strange and worrying. Kruellagh was known specifically for her embrace and pleasure of torture and extreme violence.

    In Cobweb castle Kruellagh smiled. Her spies and agents where, as always, plugged into the same rumour mill. They informed her of the intense speculation over the ‘strange’ moves made by her Emasculators. She was nearly ready to reveal this twist. In truth it meant nothing and was just a fleeting nod towards her greater ambition, a whim in fact. Soon they would all learn the truth. Kruellagh smiled.

    The day had come, and gossip ran wild. It was said that there had been frenzied activity in the halls of the Emasculators for some time now. A vast crowd had gathered round Cowbeb castle and its nearby airbase. Finally the massive titanium doors of the castle swung majestically open. Led by the Archon Shaa’anu - annihilator of the Mergis Sector, the Kabal of the Emasculators marched out into the blazing heat. With war trumpets and psycho-klaxons blaring, rank upon rank of solemn, silent women slowly moved through the crowds towards their launch sites.

    Each Warrior was decked out in a completely new uniform, less piratical and more militaristic and crowned by a huge plume of blond flowing locks atop their helmets. Military commentators noted the change, and sighed. Bored they continue to watch the parade with little more interest until a gasp shot through the crowd. In the centre of the column were slaves, thousands of slaves in basic uniforms. This on its own was an incredible sight. What was Kruellagh up to, had she gone mad? The social commentators however where highly amused by this new sight, as the slaves where all females of various races including some beasts, and all had blond hair. Raw aggression and raw vanity, what a beautiful mix! High above the crowds, Kruellagh smiled again and, attended by her hand maidens, raced away on her Reaver.

    • May not field Asdrubael Vect, Urien Rakarth or Lelith Hesperax.

    • If any Special characters are chosen, the first must be Kruellagh the Vile.

    • The cost for Trophy Racks for Raiders is reduced to 5 points.

    • Raiders may not choose Slave Snares.

    • If Kruellagh the Vile is fielded, you may also field ‘Kruellagh’s Hand Maidens’. The Hand Maidens are 4-8 Warrior Sybarites with Furious Charge, with equipment chosen from the Dark Eldar Armoury. Each Sybarite costs 16pts + their equipment. Kruellagh’s Hand Maidens replace the Dark Eldar retinue choice for Kruellagh. This does not prevent a Dracon fielded from having a Dark Eldar retinue. Note that the Hand Maidens may not take Combat Drugs, Hellion Skyboards or Reaver Jetbikes.

    Kabal of the Black Heart

    Walking Moon gasped as she scanned across the horizon. It seemed that a huge swarm of flies where flying straight at her. She adjusted her magnification goggles until she got a clearer view of the swarm. There where Raiders, at least two thousand of them. They were black as night, and fast moving. The screaming alarm broke her concentration and she ran to get her equipment and weapons.

    Five minutes later Moon joined her company. She belonged to a citizen defence force which had received a little training from an Imperial Guard combat training group. Armed with her sword, lascarbine and wearing a simple armour-vest and helmet, she felt good. The sergeant checked the comms of each member of the platoon, and gave out some grenades and extra night vision kit. The company mounted their 4x4s and headed out to the perimeter defence point Bravo3.

    Bravo3 had a twin-linked Heavy Bolter turret, and plenty of well prepared armoured barriers. The LT assigned Moon and Heavenly Blessing to Forward Check Point 9. Moon liked Blessing, she was a lovely woman, bright and kind. She was also a good martial artist and had taught Moon some hand to hand combat, especially how to fight with and against blades. Blessing had a lascarbine too.

    Ten minutes later Bravo3’s alarm kicked in. The LT called his platoon to battle stations and let them know of the imminent arrival of the raiding force. Dark Eldar again he said, repeating that they were good shots and vicious fighters. They’d be here to take prisoners and booty, so we must not let them pass. Moon and Blessing steadied themselves for the fight. No one was going to steal their children. Knowing that the Dark Eldar didn’t use artillery gave them some kind of comfort. At least they could keep their heads up and see what was going on.

    Hearing the powerful engines closing rapidly, Moon put the lascarbine to her shoulder, and checked the range markers up ahead. To her left she could hear shooting and a terrible wailing sound. Moon shivered and felt fear in the pit of her stomach. The heavy bolters opened up, roaring loud and strong. Then suddenly six sleek enemy vehicles skimmed over the tree line heading directly at their lines. Moon fired exactly as she had been taught. Be measured, don’t waste shots, don’t just wave your weapon around hoping you might hit something. The enemy began to fire back, and she could near large rounds smashing into position 8 next to her. Screams next as the troops in position 8 were smashed to bits by heavy Splinter fire.

    Next to her Blessing had lost control a little and was blasting away with her carbine. As Moon turned to calm her, their world fell apart. A shower of strange looking purple bomblets shot from the nearest Raider. Moon saw five terrifying nightmare creatures raise up in front of her and began wildly firing into them. The firing made little difference as they closed. Blessing had fainted. Moon thought she was lucky, then cursed as her carbine ran dry. Casting it aside she drew her blade ready to fight the daemons closing on her.

    Up above Tarryl, pilot of the Raider ‘Haunted Cloud’ chuckled. As usual the Terrofex had messed up the humans, most of whom had become completely disorganised. Dropping the Raider a few metres past the forward defence line, the squad disgorged quickly and began dealing with the enemy. Moon wasn’t even aware of this as a Dark Eldar warrior pounced into her position behind her. As she made her last slash at her imaginary foes, the warrior used the butt end of his rifle to knock her out. In an instant Moon had become another statistic for the slave gatherers to deal with.

    • May not field Kruellagh the Vile, Urien Rakarth or Lelith Hesperax.

    • If any Special characters are chosen, the first must be Asdrubael Vect, who can be fielded in 1,500+ points Kabal of the Black Heart armies.

    • Must field at least one Webway Portal.

    • May upgrade 1 Raider Squad to an Assault Raider Squad.

    Assault Raider Squad: 6-10 Warriors, Splinter Pistol and CCW

    Upgrades: Plasma Grenades +1pts per model. Up to 2 Warriors may replace their ccw with Poisoned Blades at a cost of +5pts each. Up to 2 Warriors without Poisoned Blades, may be additionally armed with a Shredder +10pts or Blaster +10pts.

    Must have a Raider

    • Raider Squads can be fielded as Troop or Fast Attack Choices.

    • Must field one Raider or Assault Raider squad for every Wych, Reaver, Hellion, Mandrake or Grotesque squad or Talos chosen.

    • Any Wych squads fielded must have a Raider to transport them.

    Kabal of the All-Seeing Eye

    • May not field Asdrubael Vect, Kruellagh the Vile or Lelith Hesperax.

    • If any Special characters are chosen, the first must be Urien Rakarth.

    • Must field at least one Haemonculus, which could be Urien Rakarth.

    • Must field at least one squad of Grotesques.

    • If you field a second unit of Grotesques, you may make the unit Fearless at a cost of +1 per squad member.

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    Wow you've been busy! I really like what you did here.
    I'm curious what the 'experts' will say.

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    I'm not about to call myself an expert, but I will say that you and I are of the same line of thinking, Lord Ramon. I have sometimes tried to fool myself into thinking our codex is "good enough" but I soon find myself utterly frustrated with the state of it when I look at all the other codices coming out (I own most of them for reference purposes). This has often led me to thinking "Why should I have to put up with this?" and leads to: "Well, if GW is going to take forever to fix it, maybe the 40K community should take over in the interim!"

    It's for this reason I have started similar projects as yours, and probably have several floating around on my hard drive. They stay unfinished usually, once I've worked on them enough to blow off some steam, but my latest one seems to be turning out nicely. Maybe I'll end up sharing it.

    Sorry for the tangent there, but I thought I should let you know where I'm coming from on the subject. I think under-appreciated fans should take their pastimes into their own hands when the need arises, and I totally support anyone who wants to give it a go.

    For these ideas, one thing that jumped out at me:
    8 pts per Grotesque. It is probably too cheap, even with the USR version of Feel No Pain. Stubborn is a nice idea, but it isn't going to be very useful at their low Ld value.

    From my perspective, our old codex doesn't need to be added on to so much as rebooted with cleaner rules that are more relevant to what players have to deal with in 5th edition.

    --•-My 40K projects-•--

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