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    Psychic chior still Viable?

    For those who dont know what it is.

    its roughly 2 tyrants with psychic sream and BS, 3 BS in your elites( fex's or warriors),3 thrope's with psychic sream and 2 sniper fex's(VC and BS)

    THe basic plan is walk forward give units incredibly low leadership and keep them pinned the entire game.

    so what does LO think?

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    I actually tried a variant against 2 different Dark Eldar players. A walkrant & 3 zoans with psychic scream, only I used 2 TL-D's for my TMC's instead of BS's. In the first game, it was quite effective as I shot down his raiders, pinning his infantry in the process or having them flee without a chance to regroup due to being less than 50%. I tabled him while losing only 1 carnifex and a couple of genestealers and termagaunts.

    In the second game against a different Dark Eldar player (I used the exact same army in both), the results were not as spectacular. This time he was making some heroic LD tests at -4! He made probably 4-5 ridiculous tests and ended up tabling me almost. That I blame to lucky rolling as if he only made half of that, I would have probably ended up winning.

    Overall, I think it can still be terribly quite effective, unless if you're playing armies that are fearless such as large ork mobs, chaos space marine cult troops, grey knights or other tyranids as well as And They Shall Know No Fear smurfs who will just regroup next turn. Then those zoans just become a waste of space and additional kill points.
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