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    Phoenix Lords and scoring units

    As we all know, troops are the life-blood of 5th edition. 2/3 of all missions played are decided on the survival of these units along with denying your opponent's troops the pleasure of living or being where they're supposed to be.

    In light of the 5th edition Ork, and Space Marine Codecies(?), how would you feel about the Phoenix Lords allowing their respective aspects to become scoring units such as Pedro Kantor and the Warboss do for Sternguard and Nobz. Would this seem overpowered, or just what we needed to utilize our units like we used to when one aspect wasn't emphasized to a greater degree due to it's scoring status (I'm looking at you Dire Avengers.) Also, if this were to be integrated into a new Codex, how would you use these newly scoring units differently than you do now?

    Lastly, what would you feel that Dire Avengers should be compensated with by taking Asurmen since they are already scoring.

    I personally would use them as follows:

    Fire Dragons: Not sure I'd really do anything different with these guys, seeing as they tend to be even higher priority than Dire Avengers even without scoring status.

    Striking Scorpions: Could be infiltrated onto an objective to hold out until the end of the game, I see this squad being a very viable scoring unit.

    Howling Banshees: The ladies would make a great turn 5 grab for an objective held by an enemy scoring unit.

    Dark Reapers: Same role as rangers, only not nearly as vulnerable to flamers and assaults. Not to mention possibly making use of that Wave Serpent they can buy but never do.

    Swooping Hawks: Same tricks that Necrons pull off with the Veil of Darkness, turn 5 they deepstrike onto an objective to claim it.

    Warp Spiders and Shining Spears unfortunately do not have Phoenix Lords, and as such probably wouldn't qualify, but I don't see Shining Spear doing anything that Banshees can't do better. Warp Spiders on the other hand could be a very viable choice, being a heavily armored jump troop that, with a powerblade Exarch and a Spider'Tarch(Power Weapon, Jump Pack, Fusion Gun, Mandiblasters) could move up, shoot their target that's holding an objective then assault it finishing off the unit and claiming the objective.

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