Eldar Army Design Criteria

This article is based on a two different sources on LO. The first is a survey that I started a couple of months ago which asked what army eldar players found the most difficult to play against. The second is a survey on the main 40k forum page which asked which 40k army(s) that people played. The link to those two surveys are:


http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...-you-have.html (Which 40k army do you have?)

I had initially intended the first survey to be a good starting point when deciding what you should have in your army. I was recently looking at it and thought to myself that although it gives a general outline of how difficult eldar players find playing against each army it doesn't really provide any insight into how often you should encounter each of those armies. So I scrounged around a little bit and found the survey on which armies people collected to give myself a better picture of this.

And here is what I have come up with, a weighted difficulty ranking. An explanation of how I came up with the ranking is included afterward.

Race: <Difficulty> [Ranking]

Chaos Deamons <1.452081317> [10]
Chaos Space Marines <5.421103582> [7]
Dark Eldar <0.588899645> [11]
Deamon Hunters <0.375121007> [12]
Eldar <3.872216844> [8]
Imperial Guard <16.26331075> [3]
Necrons <5.872862214> [6]
Orks <19.0666344> [1]
Space Marines <17.90093579 > [2]
Tau <16.26331075> [4]
Tyrnids <11.2536302> [5]
Witch Hunters <1.669893514> [9]

To find the difficulty for each race I divided the frequency of each race from both surveys by the total number of votes and then multiplied each of these numbers together. For example, for Orcs:

Least Favorite Army votes - 29 out of a total 147 (19.7%)
People Who Play Each Army votes - 163 out of a total of 1754 (19.1%)
Weighted Difficulty - 183 out of a total 961 (19.1%)

The explanation for this system is as follows. If the general public finds that it is difficult to play against Tau, but not a high percentage of people play Tau, then you shouldn't base your army on being able to counter Tau. However, even if people only found space marines moderately difficult, since there are so many people who play space marines you should (at least partly) base your army around countering space marines. This makes intuitive sense as well, how many times have you seen in army list posts the term "anti-MEQ"? People design their armies around fighting space marines - not necessarily because they find them difficult to beat but beacuse they are so darn common.

Now I know that there are some flaws to this analysis, the main one being that when voting for their least favorite army to face some (if not most) of the people may not have faced every army. Thus, for example, if hardly anyone has played against dark eldar obviously it wont be very many people's least favorite army to play against. However I feel that despite this the analysis is still useful. Take for example the case of CSM and IG. They both had 192 people respond that collected each army. However, 3 times as many people said that IG were their least favorite opponent compared to chaos. Thus, if I wanted to make an all-comers list I would make it more biased towards defeating IG then chaos.

And I think the results speak for themselves, seeing that the top 4 "difficult" lists are orks, space marines, IG and tau. The only surprise for me here is that chaos is not higher up there, as I thought that they placed high in tournaments recently. But I suppose this is from the perspective of an eldar player, not from the general public.

Anyways, sorry for the long post but I think it required quite a bit of explanation. I hope some of the LO community will find this useful.

What do you guys think? Is there a better way of using this data/idea to quantitatively design your army list?