I played a 2000 point game about a week ago and as I was setting up my units, I kept thinking about how to make the most out of my two troops and an HQ that I could deploy due to Dawn of War deployment. Because Wave Serpents count as one of your troops choices for Dawn of War, I though up this little gem:

I tryed this out in an Annihilation mission, but it should have its uses in the other two missions should you be forced into first turn. I took first turn and deployed my two Dire Avenger squads fully spread out at the 24" halfway line, my opponent then had the back 6" of the board to deploy his full army. After he set up, I then used Eldrad's divination power to redeploy my two DA squads so that when my Wave Serpent's came on, the Wave Serpents were 12" from the board edge and my DA's could pile into them ready for turn two. The night fight prevents most shooting, so the DA Wave Serpents were safe when they weren't moving flat-out.

What unusual deployment tactics have you employed to gain an upper hand on the battlefield?