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    Eldar Reverant Titan

    My question is.

    Is it worth getting one? I heard from other people that while the Imperial and Chaos Titans are really tough and badass, the Eldar one is pretty lightly armed, has less armor and is meant for long-distance support. (Basically a over-sized war-walker)

    I feel like the only reason to get a Titan is to send it in the middle of the battle and completely destroy a lot while being able to take a lot of hits. If its only good for long range, why wouldn't I get a Scorpian Type I or Type II tank or a few Fire Prisms instead?

    So is the Reverant Titan worth its points?

    Also can you use it in non-apocalypse battles? In like a 2000 point list.

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    You shouldn't be able to use it in non apoc. battles (3k+) but hell, if it's friendly enough as long as there's no complaints you're cool.

    The revenants pulsar weapons are pretty damn powerful, so make sure you buy the pulsar equipped one from FW, rather than the similar priced, relatively puny sonic lances.

    TO be honest, I'd say you're better spending the points on a decent sunstorm squadron (4+ Fire prisms) they have just as much destruction power, can move faster, is more versatile, is likely more resilient due to numbers, <insert further reasoning here>, blah blah blah.

    I'm a real fanboy of the prisms, so I'm very bias. I'm bias with reason though.

    That said, I intend on getting a revenant in a couple of weeks myself.

    - L

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