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    Okay how about a Sticky post from either Slicer or Uzi or both (good knowlede) of a few basic/generic 1000 pt lists. One set up fpr CC, one shooty(why anyone would want shooty bugs???) one a mix. Include the one TMC per 400-500 points guideline. Explain the tactics for each list, and provide a few tweaking options for each list. DO NOT do the work for them but provide a map of where they need to go to be competitive. Just a thought. I would post one but feel I lack the knowledge as I have only played a few games & have had my ares handed to me every time.


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    Well, my primary guideline is to always have a ranged capability in the swarm, usually being VC or WBlast on Tyrant, VC on Carnifex and 3 Biovores with Poison&BioAcid.

    On the rest, ranged capability is not the main point, for example Spinegaunts and Gargoyles... With the Gaunts most often being flypaper to tie up the enemy in CC for the 'Stealers and CC Warriors to rip apart. Lictors and Raveners are merely to spook the opponents and throw a wrench in the works, and any casualties caused by them will be a bonus.

    Pure shooty 'Nids (kill enemy with shooting) will in all probability not work, and although pure CC does work up to a point, there are certain types of opposition You'll want to deal with at range. So, best to field a bit of both.

    As for the rest, I'm not certain I catch the drift of this post... You mean that we should come up with example lists, with a few optional variations, and tell how to use them?

    I fail to see the point, since essentially everyone wants to use their own lists and their own tactics. Sure, some lists and tactics are more efficient than others, but still... This is the reason I don't dismiss Raveners, Lictors and Warriors straightaway, since I utterly believe that although not the most effective choice, they can be fun to use and still manage to do their part.

    Only if some unit directly contradicts my sensibilities (say, ExtCar Gaunts and 'Stealers, mixed shooty/CC Warriors, pure CC 'Fexes), do I point out why I do not feel them to be a praticularly good choice.
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