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    [Tourney Report] Footslogging Eldar

    Played a 1750pts tourney yesterday with my footsloggers (http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...tsloggers.html) and here is how they fared...

    1st turn: Witch Hunters (staple list, 3 units of sisters on rhino, 2 canonesses, seraphim squad, 3 exorcist, small IG unit).
    Mission was Conquer and Hold with Dawn of War deployment. The army fared quite decently, with cover protecting me more than enough from exorcist fire, while the rest of my army moved on to capture the opponent's objective. Wraithguard did wonders, constantly holding the center of the field and annihilating two of his sister units, while the smaller aspect units worked well at harassing the opponent. A freak difficutl terrain movement of the wraithlord protecting the guardians made it possible for the opponent to contest my objective on turn five with his seraphims and the game was a draw. All in all everything worked as was supposed to.

    2nd turn: Tau (3 units of Crysis suits with missile launcher and lamer set out so that each model had marginally different equip, allowing the player to fiddle around with wound assignment, 2 units of Broadsides, Crysis suit General, Hammerhead, 3 units of firewarriors, 1 unit of Kroot)
    Mission was Kill Points, deployment in table quarters.
    The opponent managed to get rid of my wraithlords by turn three and the avatar by turn four while he was marching up with the wraitguard (which left the table unscathed), constantly retreating his units to keep the out of fire/assault range. Stroke of bad luck with scorpions and hawks coming up only on turn four (never saw so many ones in a row for reserves). Was losing 4kp to 0 on the opponents turn four, but the arrival of the aforementioned last two units from reserves managed to gain me 3kp by the end of the game. Still lost, although if the game would have continued I might have been able to maybe win the game. Sadly enough tourney games have fixed lengths of time so we had to close it at that.

    3rd turn: Witch Hunters (2 cannonesses with jump packs, seraphims, 2 units of sisters on rhinos, 3 exorcists, 40 guardsmen with priest, commisair and 4 sergeants + command unit on transport).
    Mission was loot with normal deployment.
    The army as a whole fared quite good: reserves popped right in time to grab objectives or countercharge the opponents units, while the wraithguard held the center of the line. Note of merit to my guardians who annihilated a unit of sisters with a shuriken salvo + desperate assault to hold their objective. Tied the game to bad tactics on my behalf: I rushed on of the wraithlords to pin down the 40 man unit (which at the end of the game were left in 12) along with the avatar and didn't move him corretly, missing the objective by half an inch. I'll think better next time.

    All in all the army worked fairly well, though I think it would have been quite different against MEQ or some more competitive lists (sisters... Tau were competitive enough!).

    - Just love that maki! -

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    Wow two SoB players? That's highly unusual. I was surprised Tau didn't do even better against you, most Tau lists would counter you hard. Sounds like the lack of speed hurt you a bit in some of the games.
    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
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