Iybraesil army spare female torsos? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Iybraesil army spare female torsos?

    I am working my way through an Iyanden army and am starting to plan my next.
    Am planning on giving Iybraesil a go using Jain Zar as Morai-Heg high priestess HQ choice.
    2 units of 6 banshee with exarch mntd in Falcons,
    1 unit of 11 banshee to accompany high priestess in wave serpent.
    2 units of 11 female storm guardians (Banshee prospects / initiates) with enhance-warlock mntd in serpents,
    5 Rangers,
    Fast probably nothing or vypers as weapon platforms
    Heavy support: 2 Falcons noted already & a squad of 3 walkers with 2 missile launcers each.

    To do this I need to convert 22 guardians to make them female and give them swords & pistols. Do any of you out their have any female torsos you would swap for male ones and any shuriken pistol or sword ams you would swap for something?

    Am also considering following as a house rules, what do you think?
    1. Storm guardians fielded with fusion pistols instead of fusion guns as same cost option.
    2. Crone priestess bloodguard:
    3-5 personal bodyguards to the Crone priestess. Each is a banshee exarch who has had her hand removed and replaced with a bionic replica. The severed hand has then been mummified in transparent polymer & worn as a necklace style amulet. The guard are armed with shuriken pistols & triskele & cost 38pts per model they do not need to buy any powers as they accompany the high priestess & therefor have them. The amulet functions as a psychic device that saves the model from death allowing the killed model to be placed on its side & then saved on a roll of 1 on a d6 at the start of the nest turn.

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