Right so recently i bought the mega dread, and it seems to be that its slightly poor. Although its got armour 13-13-11, a 5+ invulnerable save and can fleet for a turn, its weaponry needs a lot to be desiried. its got a kill kannon, and the rippa claw, which is just a seismic hammer. Comparing that to a standard deff dread, you get all that, but less attacks than a dread (with 4 combat arms). So you pay an extra 75 points, for a kill kannon and all the fancy armour.

So my thoughts are this. the rules are currently experimental, so is it too bad to give it and extra attack or 2? This seems much more like it considering the size and the huge claw.

However before i try this, i just wanted to get some other thoughts on this, so what are your thoughts on the rules? for anyone who hasnt seen them already, theyre on forge world, under the dread entry.