I am looking at buying the Sabol Motor Pool case because its on sale right now. If your not familiar with the case its a side by side case that can hold 8 inches(height) of form trays. This is what I'm thinking

1 x 4 inch tray - 2 battlewagons, 4 trucks(old style, turned on side).
1 x 3 inch tray - 6 to 10 Nobz, Warboss, Big Mek.
some x 1.5 or 2 inch - boyz and misc non-mech units.

I also have a looted wagon and 3 buggies but they don't need to be transported all the time.

I don't know if this case is big enough for orks with all the models that I need to carry. If someone has experience with this case and what size trays they would use or recommend, please let me know I would like to have a good idea what I need before I buy anything. Also if there are better/cheaper alternatives to this case I am not set on it.

Thanks in advance.