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    Starting up an army

    Just got back into 40k today, and I've always loved Tyranids so I decided to start again with them before I even knew there was a new codex coming out. I have a Battle for Macragge laying around somewhere at my parents house, which I'm visitng this next week so I'll be able to raid that, along with any old Tyranid models still around.

    The models haven't been assembled besides the three ranged warriors, so I have still have the opportunity to change my list but this is what I was thinking of for starters with what I have available.

    Hive tyrant swarm leader, ST/VC, enhanced senses and toxin sacs
    warriorX3, ST/RC/EC and leaping
    WarriorX3 brood Scything talons, Two deathspitters and a VC (At least... I think they're still intact)
    TermagauntX18 brood, fleshborers
    HormagauntX8 brood, +1 WS
    GenestealerX6 brood, Scuttlers and EC
    I'm fairly happy with the list, at least what I envision wanting my army to do. I know I'm extremely short on warm bodies for a mid-swarm army but I'm not sure what to purchase next. Any suggestions on the list, or what to pick up next?

    Edit: Tyrant guards really appeal to me, but wow they're expensive.

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    First things first, my advice is to wait for the codex. No-one knows how its going to change the army around.

    Now, heres my advice for what you have.

    Tyrant - never been a fan of mixed roles, or the VC on tyrants. Id make him speciaised either a cc beast with 2 tallons, or a gunbeast with 2 TL devourers, whitch are absolutly awsome.

    Warriors - the CC lot are going to be too fragile, for what they do, i wound bother, unless your supporting some hormaguants. The shooty lot could to with the VC being swaped for a Bared strangler, your not going to hit a lot with BS2

    Termaguants, no compliants.

    Hormaguants - these guys need improving. First of all always give them toxin sacs. Just makes them so much more versitile. Secon, they need atleast 15 to be semi decent, i ru mine in units of 20 and they do very well.

    Genestealers- really you want another 2 bodies in there.

    Lastyly, why havnt you got a carnifex in there? every army needs one really, check the canifex and tyrant reference file at the top of the page if you need ideas.

    Also just so you know, this should be in the army list section of the nid forum, this bits in the general Nid discusion. However a mod should come along and move it shortly.

    Hope that helped.
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