I feel the Mek boyz are getting no love with the latest codex I therefore put forward the following changes for the next codex.

  • Can be added to either burna boyz mobs or loota mobs, for every 5 boyz you can upgrade a burna of loota to a Mek boy for +10 points
  • A Mek boy comes with meks tools and Kustom mega-blasta
  • can take a bosspole for +5 points
  • can take up to 3 oilers for +10 points each (will be detailed in later Codex Rev)
  • can take a power klaw for +15 points or big chopper & slugga for free
  • now has S4 base
  • Kustom mega-blasta has old 3rd edition profile of R24 S7 AP2 blast, but now does not get hot
  • Can take a new bit of wargear called a Gittargeter +10 points. The Gittargeter gives the mek +1 to BS at half the weapons range.
With all these recommendations hopefully you will be able to tailor your Mek to the roll you want him to perform