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    A Praise for Torch Suits & Ork Advice Needed

    Hokay, so. First thing's first:

    Riki was right about the Torch squad. Finished a challenge ladder game the other day at my local store against IG. 1500 points. The guy was fielding 3 Russ Autocannon setups (Exterminator?) (one with the named tank comm'r), 2 Chimeras, 2 sentinals in reserve and lotsa infantry with melta, plasma, autocannons and lascannons. I had some kroot infiltrated pretty close to his base.

    Abridged Battle report:
    Turn 1) Dawn of War, Capture and Hold (the bases one. Think that's the name) he gets first turn. Moves infantry up fast with orders (Move, move, move), rolls tanks onto table, castles onto his base inside a ruin. Looong, horizontal upper floor provides a perfect space for him to sit lascannons and plasma. Melta is all in his infantry squads moving up. He deploys 3 autocannons at half field in a ruins. His first turn shoots up a few Fire Warriors deployed on my base. Nothin' else lost. Yay nightfighting. My turn, move on 2 Hammerheads, a Skyray, Pathfinders, their Fish (6 FW hop in), Commander (fireknife 'EL monat w/ drones) moves slightly. 2-man Deathrain team moves on, too. Fireknife team (2-man) and Torch/missile squad (3-man) both sit in reserve. I open fire. You know, you laugh at Blacksun Filters until you need 'em. Me? I threw 'em on there 'cause I had the spare points and inclination. Hammers, Ray, and Shas'El all have 'em. The result is nasty. Blow guns off the Chimmys, MLs hit but Seekers wiff (sadness), and I annihilate that forward-deployed autocannon team (fire warriors avenged)

    The rest of the game goes fairly well. The highlights are as follows:
    - no reserves come in on either side on turn 2
    - he continues to pick off fire warriors with autocannon fire from a second AC team set way by his base
    - his infantry continue to move forward, meltas are a menace, nuking Shas'El's drones.
    - Got my Pathfinder fish stuck on the roof of some ruins. Fire Warriors pile out, just inside of rapid range of an infantry squad. Decent results. Fish's guns open up. Pin another squad (love those drone sponsons)
    - Disruption Pods continually save my life. Lots of lucky 4+ saves. Those Russ autocannons would have glanced me into oblivion.
    - Fireknife team comes in right behind the Russ with the named commander. Scatter first. Devilfish is on a dadgum roof, so it can see the whole battlefield. Reroll (thank you Marker Beacon). Hit. Perfect placement. Open up. All hit, one pen, one glance. Stun it and pop the main gun. Booyah.
    -Next turn, more shooting. Lose my commander to melta, but he did some serious damage to infantry. Kroot get wasted by massed fire, but enough live to charge a infantry squad. Bloodbath, kroot sweep, then get tank shocked, fail, fall back, can't regroup due to Russ sitting nearly on top of them. Don't make it to cover. Get blown away by the squad on his base. My opinion? He shoulda let 'em run and used the lascannons against my tanks. Then again, i think he was afraid I would regroup and close enough to contest or take his base, so maybe it was the right call.
    - Hammerheads can't seem to kill any Russ's, but they blow the guns, immobilize, and stun each and every one of them.
    - Great day: Fireknives shoot up the Russ they hurt/stunned. Crappy shooting. What's left? Charge it! Auto hit due to immobilize, pinning hit, wreck it. The mental image of a Crisis suit literally punching through the bank end of a heavy tank and tearing out it's innards is quite cinematic.
    - His Sentinels finally come in. Shoot at the Fire Warriors on my objective. Kill a few more. They pass leadership, stay strong. Deathrains mince up a Chimmy.

    So it all comes down to this: I'm holding my objective, and he's too far away to contest with anything. He's holding his objective and I'm too far away to contest. Except for my Torch squad that has yet to come in. Obviously, I go for it. He laughs because I'd have to deep strike into a 4-inch gap. I chuckle at his scoffing, pray to the dice gods, and roll, knowing that the Pathfinder fish is still very much in LOS, so I have a a second chance. Hit on the first go. Booyah. Torchs are in. Twin-linked flamers and a missile pod each. each flamer can get 7 hits on his base-holding squad. I figure I'll be able to cause trouble, maybe contest. I fire. 21 wounds after rerolls. AP beats armor, template beats cover. Roast 'em to a man. Game ends. I hold my base, he doesn't hold his. No troops around to capture, but that's ok. I win regardless.

    So yes. I'm aware this wasn't an extensive or comprehensive example of Torch usefulness, but it -is- a stellar example of a surprisingly cheap, useful setup doing it's job flawlessly. Deep Striking (particularly with a Pathfinder Fish) can be devastating if you're ballsy or insane. Nothin' beats roasting an entire 20-man combined squad with 129 points of XV8. And the best part is that, thanks to a TL Flamer/Missile setup, they'd have been perfectly useful after that turn if the game had gone on. The Missiles would have been able to turn against his vehicles' rear armor seeing as I had dropped into his base and his tanks were up in my face. Easily in range, all rear armor, meaning lovely 4+ pens. Riki: I will sing the praises of the Torch squad. They have their limitations, but for 129 points, that's a lot of buzzer-beating murdering they can do.

    My other subject of the thread is:
    I now have a 1750 game against an Ork player who is not only very, very (infamously) skilled, but he plays Canwall horde with grots, stormboyz, and nobz. Advice? The worst this guy does it tie, but if I beat him, I'll be in first place and a single game away from winning the whole thing. I've actually done very well lately, if I do say so myself.

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    A nice little battle you had there, and glad to hear the torch squads worked for you.

    I give all my FW teams a devilfish, with the DP, and just watch the incoming fire bounce right off. Once the rest of my force rids most/all the opposing anti-troop, I set my FWs about their assigned duties.

    Railgun submissions (hammerhead only), torch crisis, and burst cannons work well against any 'horde' force.

    As for the stormboyz, you'll have two choices. Shoot them to bits when they're not behind cover. Failing that, use your kroot/hounds to charge them, before they hit your line.

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    I like to add positional relay to my commander for a couple simple reasons. First, if I choose to only bring one thing in from reserves its a 2+. Or I have 3 units in reserve and I can basically filter them in as needed as you can only bring in 1 reserve a round if using the positional relay.

    Take for example your battle. You could have dropped a deathrain on turn 2. Then on turn 3 outflanked with the kroot and on turn 4 bring in your torch squad. It is a great way to do delayed reserves picking whichever unit you feel will be most useful to you at the moment. while still keeping that ace up your sleeve till the end.
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