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    Markerlights and the best way to use them

    Yes I realize there is a markerlight guide already, and have read it. It is an impersonal guide however, and I want peaples actual opinions on what does and doesnt work.

    I am starting a tau army, and I kind of want the focus to be on markerlight combos. so, I want people opinions and the pros/cons of different ways of using them. So, the ideas that I have had first:

    Basic pathfinder squads of course. but I dont know if its better to have small or large squads, and I don't know if it would be cost-effective to add 2 marker drones to up the efficiency of the rest of the unit.

    Putting markers on stealth suits: 2 ways to do this. one is to put one on the shas'vre. other way is to get drone controllers on all of them and fill them up with marker drones. this gives an extremely versatile unit that can shoot markerlights even while moving. only problems I see with this are: its extremely expensive, and the gun ranges are a little contradictory.

    Crisis: Using the same idea as the stealths, but use Deathrains instead. this allows for unit that is effective against both tanks and infantry, and the gun ranges are the same (really long) so they are in little danger of being shot back at.

    Sniper teams: Also have and can use markers. good for killing meqs, and you can have TONS of them. if you are willing to give up railguns :/ I kinda like them tho. lots of fun, and its cool dropping entire SM teams who cant even shoot back.

    Vespids: great synergy with lights. Use 2 with a full vespid team and you will kill 8-10 rines in one round of shooting. good unit for a "forward defense team" as well.

    So, basically I am looking for peoples ideas as to the most cost-effective lights, if stealth/crisis teams armed with markers is worth it, and what units benefit them most from them. Also, and good light-combos is good (by this I mean like... a sniper team. you use 2, and then put one back on because of the now BS5 markerlight in the group)

    Edits: from another forum, I have learned: you cant use MLs to increase ML shots. you CAN have a shas'o with 2 marker drones join squads to basically increase their BS.

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    I've used all of:

    * pathfinders (who doesn't? )
    * stealth marker teams
    * a single skyray

    I used to play with all three in a single 1750 pt - 2000 pt army, too!

    In the end, I decided that, most of the time, anything over a single unit of pathfinders -- which remain the most points-efficient source of MLs -- is overkill, and I'd rather spend the points on more guns instead.

    Also, about the only thing my ML tokens do anymore is boost crisis suit accuracy and remove cover saves from crisis suit fire. Occasionally, if I'm facing multiple land raiders, I'll instead boost the BS of my broadsides or perhaps a hammerhead. But that's about it.
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    In my 2000pts list I use two Pathfinder units (each 5 strong) a Skyray and a Shas'El with a Marker Drone. This gives me the ability to target 5 units a turn. Why do I take this many, well three reasons.

    (1) Alpha strike: One thing I have learned using Tau in 4th and 5th editions is you need to take things down fast and hard. If you do not stop transports and other fast vehicles/units within two turns (in the first turn is the ideal) then you are in trouble. I am not even talking destroying transports, immobilising, stunning them is enough.
    Nearly every unit in my list is capable of hitting at BS5 or at twin linked BS4 on the first turn (Kroot & Pathfinders exempted). This has a massive impact on the game and has saved my army many times simply by the virtue of slowing transported units down and stopping tanks.
    Allie this with effective blocking techniques and good deployment and you have a very effective first turn offensive capability.
    number6 says he favours more guns, well I would argue having more guns at base BS is often more expensive and less productive than having fewer but more accurate guns. Also the ML's come with other benefits which leads me to:

    (2) Accuracy: Having the ability to up the BS of multiple units when needed throughout a game is essential. Tau rely on their shooting and mobility. Upping BS means they do more damage and more accuracy means our mobility advantage can be reinforced by effective accurate fire stopping transports and fast units reliably. BS3 simply cannot be relied upon to do this reliably. Having the option to up multiple units BS consistently throughout the whole game instead of just one unit can only ever be a good thing.

    (3) Cover saves: cover saves are the bane of the Tau. Having the ability to remove or lower a units cover save is a key benefit of the ML and having two units of PF's means I can up BS of a unit and lower its cover save. I can even focus two units ML's on really tough targets.
    Again multiple ML sources means multiple targets can be engaged.

    In my opinion bunching all ML's in one unit is usually a very bad thing. Yes it can be used as a bait tactic but losing the unit means no ML benefits (obvious I know). having multiple sources means the opponent simply cannot remove the ML support quickly and no matter what he does at proportion of his army is always going to be hit by ML's. I often get opponents cursing how hard it is for them to remove my Ml support.

    I only really use ML's to do three things:

    (1) Boost BS

    (2) Reduce cover saves

    (3) Launch the Skyrays Seekers.

    Getting the balance is vital. The Skyray has very good offensive capability as well as its ML's, the PF units have the advantage of giving my FW units transports and the ML Drone on my Shas'El can fire at its own target is mobile and is very hard to target. So basically the Skyray and PF offer something other than just ML's (SR the seekers and the PF the Devilfish for the FW's). To me they pay for themselves many many times over and offer the list so much reliability and efficiency I cannot ever envisage losing any of them.

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