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    Need help making Army please.

    Hi all. I am having trouble trying to decide on how to form my Army. I would really prefer it to be fast and with good melee. I just cant seem to decide what to buy to bring my Army up to what I want. Here is what I currently have:

    a - 1 Autarch w/ wings
    b - 2 Guardian squads x 10 men w/weapon platform
    c - 2 Dire Avenger Squads x 5 men w/exarchs
    d - 2 Howling Banshees Squads x 6 men w/exarchs
    e - 2 War Walkers
    f - 2 Wave Serpents
    g - 1 Fire Prism
    h - 1 Wraithlord
    i - 1 Avatar

    The ones listed b, c, e, and, f are from 2 different Battleforce sets I purchased. I painted them my own scheme, so I dont have a "chosen" Craftworld. I am looking for pointers on how to best make this Army fast with good melee attacks and some heavy support also. I really enjoy melee armies more than shooty, but any pointers would be greatly appreciated. If you dont want to post here, you can just email me at and I will get back to you on that. Let me know what I should purchase (if I need to) to get this Army rolling, I am in Iraq right now and buying stuff and getting it sent to my wife to put together and paint for when I come home.

    Thanks all.

    I forgot to mention, I am looking to make it 1500 points. Thats usually what we play with, but other times we play Apocolypse and use as many points as we can field. So any and all suggestions are appreciated.



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    thats cool my freind is training for the army right now if you ever meet a blake allison say hi for me ( nigel boyette) anyway here is a list that i think you will like....

    HQ: Avatar

    farseer with fortune, doom and spirit stones 130p
    9 warlocks with enhance and embolden 245p
    waveserpent with shurken cannons and spirit stones 110p

    Troops: 10 dire avengers exarch with dual cats, bladestorm 152p
    waveserpent with EML and spirit stones 125p

    10 gaurdians with shurken cannon 85p

    10 gaurdians with shurken cannon 85p

    Elites: 10 howling banshees exarch has acrobat and exocutioner 187p
    waveserpent with EML and spirit stones 125p

    Heavy support: 1 wraithlord with wraithsword 100p

    Total 1499

    i dont know your exact preferance with heavy weapons but this list is pretty mobile with some stay back and guard the fort troops as well, avatar makes them fearless and gives them someCC support, seer councils are also awsome CC units that kill tanks and infantry alike and have high survivability!

    Hope my advice helps and good luck!!!1

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