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    More Rumors? Most Unbelivable...

    Hey Librarium, I have found some most interesting rumors about the 5th Edition Tyranid Codex, these are the most recent ones I have found and Holy Crap! If this is what the Codex is going to be like, everyone is in for a big surprise! Tyranid Players included.

    Most of these I don't believe, sounds too improbable. Im just posting them to see what the rest of ya make of them...

    The Shadow in the Warp is 12" range ability: roll psychic tests on 3d6 (all 3, don't discard the lowest), Perils of the Warp on double 1 or 6. Free for Hive Tyrant, Tyranid Warriors and Trygon Alpha.

    Pyrovore: Template is S:6 AP:4.

    Synapse Creatures
    Units within 12 inches are fearless. No more Eternal Warrior.- Hope Not

    Instinctive Behavior
    Each Tyranid unit not in range of a Synapse creature has to pass a morale check or falls back to instinctive behavior. Melee-creatures move as fast as possible to the next enemy, while shooting creatures go for the next cover and shoot at the nearest enemies. What they do is said in their entries.

    Weapon symbiotes are no longer modified by the creature that wields it. There are heavy variants of most of them for the bigger creatures.

    Venom Cannon: 3" blast now. They suffer a additional -1 penalty against vehicles. So, a glancing hit is - 3, a penetration - 1. So vehicles can now be wrecked with this weapon.

    Heavy Venom Cannon: S:9, same as above.

    Scything Talons: One pair of them grants rerolls on all 1's rolled to hit. Two pairs allow you to reroll all failed to hits.

    Bonesword: Causes instant death, if the target fails a morale check after suffering a wound. If you bear two pairs, the morale check is made on 3d6. (Force Weapon)

    Lash Whip: Reduce the initiative of all models attacking the user to 1.

    Crushing Claws: D3 additional attacks. Dreadnaught Close Combat Weapon

    These grant USRs.

    Examples: Toxic Glands grant poisoned attacks (4+). Adrenalin Glands grant furious charge. An Injector grants Instant Death on each to wound roll of 6. There are many more.


    Hive Tyrant, Alpha Warrior, Tervigon.
    Named HQs: A special Hive Tyrant, A parasite-spreading winged horror.

    Hive Tyrant: Initiative 6, WS:8. Starts of with a pair of Scything talons, a Lash whip and a Bonesword. May be given wings or extended carapace (2+ armour save). May be given a Tyrant guard.

    Hive Tyrant variant called the Swarmlord. Armed with 4 Boneswords (see rules above), and loaded up with special rules but costs more than a Land Raider.

    May choose from 4 different psychic powers:

    -Psychic Scream: All enemy units within 18 " have to pass a morale check. If they fail it, they suffer the difference between the roll and their morale characteristic as casualties with no armour saves allowed.
    -Lifeleech: One unit within 12 " suffers D3 S:3 AP:2 hits. For each casualty they suffer, the Hive Tyrant gains one wound, up to a maximum of 10.
    -Unnamed Power 3: Forces a unit to pass a morale check or to fall back.
    -Unnamed Power 4: A shooting attack.

    Tyrant may be given special abilities, such as the ability to grant another unit outflank and +1 to reserve rolls.

    Many weapon options available.

    Special Hive Tyrant: WS:9. Invulnerable saves passed versus wounds inflicted by him must be re-rolled. He may give one unit within 18" Preferred enemy, Furious charge or two other USRs.

    Alpha Warrior: WS:6, granted to any unit of Warriors he joins.

    Tervigon: Creates 3d6 Termagaunts with standard load out each movement phase, even in close combat. If killed, gaunts nearby suffer heavy losses. It has its own psychic powers.

    The Horror "The Parasite of Mortrex": Winged hit-and-run monster. Every enemy unit outflanking may suffer casualties. The outflanking unit picks one model, and must pass a toughness test. If failed the model is removed and the Tyranid player gets D6 Ripper swarms. The Horror does the same to victims he kills in assault.

    Hive Guard: Unit size 1-3, BS:4 Weapons are 24" S:8 AP:4 Assault 2.

    Lictors: 1-3 per FOC slot, acting together as one unit. Lictors deploy like Marbo. Grant +1 to reserve rolls. Deep striking units do not scatter if deployed within 6 inches of a Lictor, as long as it was on the table for at least one turn.

    Ymgarl Genestealers: Biomorphable Genestealers. They may increase Attacks, Toughness, or Strength at the beginning of each assault phase. "Hibernation" rule: Pick a piece of terrain. When the Genestealers enter play, they are placed in the selected terrain. The unit may move, shoot and charge. Unit size: 5-10. No Broodlord option.

    Zoanthropes: Unit size 1-3. Warp field grants 3+ invulnerable save.
    Two psychic powers:
    -Warp lightning: S:6 AP:3 3 blast
    -Warp lance: 18" S:10 AP:2 Assault 1, lance

    Special Zoanthrope "The Doom of Malantai": Leeches wounds with a powerful 5" blast shooting attack. S is equal to current number of Wounds, max of 10.

    Death Leaper: WS:9, I:7. Deployed like a lictor, but may retreat and be replaced next turn. ~???

    Hormagaunts: WS:3, S:3, I:5, A:2. Infantry. May be given poison and adrenalin glands. Unit size 10-30

    Gaunts: Weapon is S:4 AP:5 Assault 1. For each 10 gaunts, one may be upgraded to a S:2 template that wounds against the target's Strength ~Sounds like tanglewebs return.

    Warriors: WS:5, Many options. 4+ Armor save.

    Genestealers: Mostly the same, but with less options. Cheaper than Grey Hunters, though. Armor save cannot be increased. Infiltrate and Fleet.

    Broodlord retains his statline, at a point cost of a Long Fang with a heavy bolter.
    May have two psychic powers:
    -Confusion: Both players roll a D6 and add the LD of a model chosen by the Tyranid player. If the Tyranid total is the same or higher, the enemy targeted model may not attack in this close combat phase.
    -Unknown Ability 2: Reduces the LD of surrounding enemies by 1.

    Fast Attack
    Winged Warriors


    Harpies: Flying, Trygon-sized creature that acts as a bomber. It drops Spore mines on a unit it flies over. Monstrous creature.

    Raveners: Two pairs of scything talons. May have a thorax swarm: a special weapon, with ammo chosen at the start of the game. Three flamer variants.

    Heavy Support
    Carnifexes: Unit size: 1-3. Must have the same loadout. Cannot boost initiative, probably cannot improve armor past 3+. Gain +1 I when charging. Adrenaline glands give I:4 and S:10. Basic WS:3 S:9, W:4 2 pairs of scything talons, A:4.

    Trygon: WS:6, S:6,(has got to be stronger than that) W:6 A:6. Shooting attack: 12" S:6, AP:5 Assault 6. Deep Strike. Trygon cannot assault a unit he Deeps Strikes onto. Follows the same rules as Drop Pods, i.e. stopping within 1".
    If upgraded to a Alpha Trygon, weapon becomes 18" Assault 12.

    Tyrannofex: Walking weapon battery.
    -Fleshborer swarm: S:4 AP:5 Assault 20
    -Pyroacid spray: S:6 AP:4 template, used like the IG Hellhound.
    -Capsule cannon: 48' S:10, AP:4, Assault 2

    Dedicated Transports

    Spore Capsule: Many units may purchase a Spore Capsule. Occupancy:1 Monstrous Creature, or 20 Infantry. Deep Strike. Disembarking unit may not move or assault. It may shoot.

    STATLINE: WS:2 BS:2. T:5-6 W:3 A:3 S:6.
    Weapon: 6" S:6 Assault 6.

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    Hey HiveTyrant186,

    I appreciate the info, but please keep to the rumor thread that is already up and running, instead of filling the forum with rumor topics. You can find the rumor thread here.

    *Thread Closed*

    Last edited by Alzer; December 16th, 2009 at 17:12. Reason: Added Link

Closed Thread

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