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    Question about Resorb and WBB

    Hello fellow Necon Players.

    Hope you are all doing alright.

    I am still quite new to Warhammer 40k and thus I am still in the state where I constantly have to check the rules for different things and scenarios, but i recently came up with a situation which i feel needs to be clarified.

    Since I got so much positive feedback and so many great answers from people on this terrific forum last time I had questions, I thought I might as well ask here again.

    On to the Situation:

    A Lord with a Resorb is joined with a squad of 10 Immortals. During the enemy shooting face, all models with the Necron lord being the last one, get shoot down. There are no Necron models nearby. Now the WWB rule states that without any models in the vicinity they are not able to rise back up, however the Resorb kinda indicates that the Lord would be able to ress even if he dies, one coudl argue that the orb acts as a "model" in this case.

    Q: Can the lord and/or his immortals rise back up with WWB?


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    Since all immortals died, they would not be able to WBB because they don't have a like model to qualify. However, the LORD does not need a like model and yes he can use the res orb for himself if he was killed by a CC weapon or double toughness. That part is in the codex.
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    It says in the codex that the lord can use the orb on himself so yes he can come back but the immortals are dead. Basically what darktrainer said in shortened form.
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