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    Making sense of what I have in light of the new codex

    I know that the new codex is right around the corner, but it sounds as though you guys know enough already to help me out. I had a large unmade tyranid army when I quit playing. I recently got back into the hobby but have been waiting on the new dex before I started glueing anything, and it's a good thing I did aparently.

    I have 2 carnifex, 3 zoan, 22 current stealers, 11 old stealers, tyrant with set of balrog wings, 6 warriors, 1 broodlord, several ripper bases, and ninety gaunts.

    I plan to pick up the codex and probably 1 trygon, but I can't (won't) spend a ton of money trying to circumvent using the overcosted tyrant and carnifex. Plus I had bits to make about half of the gaunts terms and half spines, did spinegaunts go the way of the dodo? Should I try to make all the gaunts terms, or half or so horms.

    So basically what should i do with my gaunts, what way does the tyrant work the best (would really like to use those wings lol),could I just have the fexes walk on their talons and call them Tervigons (is that doable or lame?), what warrior configuration is looking good? I must say I am a tad bit frustrated. Any advise, comments, insights would be helpful.

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    The Flyrant with twin Devourers is very good, even if he IS expensive. Carnifexes can be converted easily into Tervigons. Magnetised, just give it Scything Talons and add some Gaunts on the base (also magnetised, so you can revert to it being a Carnifex). Zoans are GREAT, so those are in for sure. If you can get another mini, a single Venomthrope increases your army's survivability by a lot.

    Gaunts are still good, but I prefer Termagaunts over Hormagaunts. Two units of Termas, two Tervigons as Troops, a Flyrant a Venomthrope and some Zoans. Sounds like a solid army to me.
    Of course, Warriors and Genestealers are still great. Rippers don't seem too good to me, but can still be played.
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    Spinegaunts went the way of the dodo. Termagants are the way to go now.

    Flyrants with twin devs are a bit worse than before, but still decent. I think most people will just save the points and take 2x scything talons instead (unless they're taking ancient enemy in which case they'll take Lash whip+ Bonesword + scything talons so they can use the re-roll + lash whip).

    Fexes can easily be changed into tervigons. Equip them with scything talons and/or crushing claws and give them egg sacs and you're done.

    Zoans are pretty nice. You might want to get another one and a deathleaper.

    The warriors can be of use. Tyranid Primes are pretty damn good (most armies would kill to have a character that good) and normal warriors are decent at holding objectives. Personally I'm going to go boneswords+devs on mine to keep them cheap while being able to defeat pretty much anything without S8+ in CC. If you have warriors, the heavy weapon guy is mandatory because you need the ability to shove a couple of wounds off on him. You probably want to give them a barbed strangler since their weapons are anti-infantry anyways and the barbed strangler is cheaper than a VC.
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