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    Mololiths, living armor, WBB, Faqs, Updates, and more..

    This article was written to a couple of questions that had arisen lately regarding Necron WBB and the monolith’s Living Metal rule. I have done an extensive amount of research and scouring over the internet of books and pdfs to come up with the following information.
    One important point one must ask however, is does one use past faqs and codex’s to make rules interpretations? I’ll try to just provide the facts at this point and open it up for discussion. Because as we muddle through GWs mess they’ve created it just gets dirtier and dirtier.

    Necron Time line:

    "Necron Rules". White Dwarf (Games Workshop) 217: 32–34. February 1998. White Dwarf publishes the first Necron rules. 3 unit types are included. Originally written in 2nd Edition.

    “Necrons” White Dwarf 230 More extensive rules are devised and additional units are added. This was the first writing that really brought the Necrons into their own. No monolith yet. Revised and released for 3rd ed.

    “Chapter Approved: Necrons". White Dwarf (Games Workshop) 239: 73–75. December 1999. Tweeked the scarabs and the lord. Added other wargear for the lord.

    Codex Necrons. 2002

    White Dwarf 2002. Monolith is released.

    Chapter Approved 2004. Necron Q&A pg. 96-97

    Necron FAQ 4th ed, 4.0

    There was a 2nd ed. Printing of the CODEX somewhere in here. I am unsure if it was before or after 4.0 or not.

    Necron FAQ 4th ed. 4.01

    Necron FAQ 5th ed. 2008

    The were other printings and articles about Necrons of course, however these are the major ones.
    One must ask, Do we look at old editions of the game , codex, and FAQ or just use the current writing as RAW.

    Debate #1 :: . Do killed necrons, (not by an weapon that would deny them WB, get removed from the table if there is not another like model within 6” or are they allowed to lay on the table until comes a time when they are eligible to make a WWB roll.? (ie..another like model move within 6”)

    Regarding WBB (We’ll Be Back) Originally Printed in WD230. --- Q. Do killed necrons, (not by an weapon that would deny them WB, get removed from the tabletop if there is not another like model within 6”.

    A. If a Necron Warrior, Immortal or Character model should be killed, do not remove it from the tabletop, but lay the model down instead. The model is out of action but, being a Necron, may get a chance to come back. At the start of the Necron player's turn, roll a die for each out of action Warrior or Immortal that is within 6" of at least one other 'living' Necron model of the same type. If there are any out of action Warriors or Immortals that are not within 6", they will automatically phase out - remove them from the battlefield. The Necron player can also roll a die on behalf of a Lord that is out of action, regardless of whether there are other Necrons near him or not. Necron models hit by a weapon that autokills (weapons with a Strength that is twice the Necron's Toughness) are totally annihilated and are removed straight away - there is no chance of self-repair.

    This states, painfully obviously, That Necrons are removed. This was once again stated in errata I found floating around the internet. Called Necron Q&A V2.0. I would imagine this was located in a WD somewhere, but I was unable to find the exact location.

    Q. If Necrons fail their WBB roll are they removed or do they remain there
    to try again next move?

    A. When a Necron has either failed a WBB roll or is ineligible to take one at the
    start of the Necron turn it is deemed to be destroyed and is removed, unless you
    intend to use a Monolith portal to teleport the unit during the current move. If for
    some reason you change your mind about using the portal, they are removed immediately.

    Again, pretty obvious, that their gonners….. Now remember this is all pre codex stuff.. and now when GW releases the codex some things have changed.

    Under the new codex there is no mention of removing the model if it is ineligible to make its WBB roll. A model is only removed from the table on a roll of 1-3. Now the old wording which clearly explained the process was already there in one clean sentence. They could have taken it and placed it in their codex, and they did with many of the other sentences and stats.

    So…… what are we to assume. The model should be taken off because that’s the way it was designed to be played………. Or………… The model should be left on because the designers thought as the game was evolving that it would be a more interesting battle having dead, but possibly resurrected models strewn about the board.

    Debate #2 :: On to the monolith…. In the 4.01 faq. They describe how doubling scores and extra penetration dice are essentially the same thing, no bonuses penetrations are accepted for any reason, are and there are no bonuses for tank hunter vets, talos attacks, ect..

    Now, we get into 5th edition and they release the FAQ, and guess what? The entire wording regarding this wording is completely gone. Not changed.! GONE!!! They only make mention of powerfists,thunder hammers, and so on…(so on, that’s descriptive isn’t it?) still double their user strength when attacking a monolith.

    So what are we supposed to make of this?. Do we disregard the 4.01 faq and go back to Codex for our rulings? Do tank hunters get their bonus now?
    The deeper one looks into this the murkier it becomes. How do they intend for us to play this game. I’m beginning to wonder, based on their crappy FAQs and support of the Necron codex if they even care.

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    When rules become outdated (rulebooks, FAQs) then they no longer, technically, apply to the game. That's what the 5th edition FAQs are supposed to be here for, and the 5th edition rulebook, and, so help GW, a possible 5th edition codex if the army will get them enough cash pocketed. You can't really use anything prior to 5th edition along with 5th edition, except as the barest of reference materials. The RAI and RAP go together in the case of Living Metal (as we've discussed, at length) but the RAW simply doesn't support it anymore, and there's nothing you can do about it; you can pull out FAQ after FAQ after FAQ, but unless it's (for me) either the official GW 5th edition FAQ or the FAQ done for Adepticon, you don't have hard evidence. Stick with RAI and RAP and you'll be fine, though.

    I don't really see exactly why we need this thread, though, considering we've had basically this same conversation elsewhere!

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