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    Spore mines and CCW

    Hi Guys,

    So with the new codex come a lot of questions.
    Some I will try to get an answer for here, and the others like what were they smoking will be left to vigourous testing.

    So first question:

    Spore mine clusters.

    If I understand correctly:
    Deployment zones are chosen, we deep strike our spore mines onto the board.
    At this point we will have 6 spore mines in b2b contact.

    Should we have first turn, we move our individual spore mines with a D6 and a scatter.
    If these spore mines happen to scatter into each other, the spore mine that moved is removed from the table.

    Anyone else think that this is .... weird ?
    Also, if an enemy shoots one mine, they will all explode.

    So is it me or is it stupid to take 6. It would be better to take 3 and deploy them for psychologic effects or to block firing lanes.

    Close combat weapons:

    I've browsed some threads here and most people seem to say/think that scything talons and bone swords etc don't stack.

    The way I see it:

    lash whips have an effect when there is a model in b2b with a model equipped with lash whips.
    So we don't really get to chose if we use them or not. To me this seems like a passive ability

    Scything talons:
    The entry states that when a model is equipped with talons, it gets a reroll of any to hit rolls of one.
    So this seems like a rule in the same line of rending claws.
    We simply get the ability...

    By extending the above conclusions, I think that a tyranid warrior with bone sword, lash whip and talons has a power weapon that rerolls a 1 to hit and lowers I to 1.

    For rules reference, see P42 of the BRB

    Comments, counter arguments, please let me know.

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    Do you place spore mines before or after objectives?
    As of Tyranid 5th Ed. codex I have the Gaunts I wanted. I did, however, loose the sniperfexs I relied upon and they were more important then the gaunts.

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    spore mines are after objectives. As for deploying them its up to you, whatever works best.

    As for the CCW issue, Phalanx is the one to ask about that, personally i cant see why not, i cant find anything saying theyre actually CCW.
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    Something for the CCW, I pretty much agree with your [TC's] idea. But because I feel the need to restate everything:

    As fair as I understand the debate, it is fairly obvious that RAI are for multiple weapons to be fine. That's how it used to work. The issue is RAW, which I think shouldn't be an issue.

    Taking, for example, from the Rending Claws entry: "Close combat attacks made by models with rending claws gain the rending ability." It does not state that these only apply to attacks made by the Rending Claws themselves. If you, purely for semantics, then decide to use your Scything Talons to attack with, then the attacks will still be Rending: you are making a close combat attack with a model that has rending claws. The same kind of wording applies to the other weapons. "A Tyranid model with a single set of Scything Talons re-rolls any rolls to hit of a 1 in close combat." "A Tyranid with Crushing Claws gains an extra D3 attacks in Close combat."

    For the aforementioned model with Bone Sword, Lash Whip and Talons. Logical process is as follows:

    1. You assault someone.
    2. You declare, purely for semantics, that you're using your Bone Sword in combat this round.
    3. "An enemy model that is in base contact with a Tyranid that has one or more lash whips counts their initiative as 1."
    4. Are you a Tyranid? Yes. Is there an enemy model in base contact with you? Yes. Do you have one or more lash whips? Yes. They are now initiative 1! Sucks to be them.
    5. Roll to hit! You roll two hits, a normal miss, and a one.
    6. "A tyranid model with a single set of scything talons re-rolls any to hit rolls of a 1 in close combat."
    7. Are you a tyranid model? Yes. Do you have a single set of scything talons? Yes. Then reroll that 1! Awesome.
    8. You get two wounds out of that. Not bad.
    9. "No armour saves may be taken against wounds inflicted in close combat by a Tyranid with a bonesword. In addition..."
    10. "Are you a Tyranid? Yes. Do you have a bonesword? Yes. Have you inflicted a wound in close combat? Yes. No armour saves for them! Two guys die.

    In the strict RAW, in no place does it require you to be using the weapon to get the effect from it. The criteria are to a) be a 'nid, b) have the weapon, and c) the activation clause for the ability itself. As long as the model has the weapon somewhere on it's body, then it can use the effect.

    Also consider: if the implication was that Boneswords were basically power weapons with some extra wibble, it would have stated "Boneswords are power weapons, as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook," which is what it does in many other Codices. If scything talons were separate close combat weapons that happened to let you re-roll misses, it would state "Scything Talons are close combat weapons, as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. In addition..."

    The simple fact that they never state that Tyranid weapons are close combat weapons (besides Claws and Teeth) implies that we're not suppose to treat them that way, and are instead supposed to consider them as "upgrades" for Claws and Teeth.
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    Son of LO
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    at the moment i use the spore mines to disrupt my enemies from taking up positions in cover or they risk 3 S4 alrge blasts in their faces. I also use it and place them around objectives in their area for the same effect ^^. We can even trigger the bombs remotely too .
    Superior stamina may win battles, but the ability to quickly recover wins wars.

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