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    I just thought I'de right some neat rules for a character I thought up

    Kroot lord

    Zandra the Burning (Convert him as you want him)

    WS 5
    BS 4
    S 4
    T 4
    W 2
    I 4
    A 3(5)
    Ld 9
    Sv 4+

    Stead (Lizard man special character steed)

    WS 4
    BS 0
    S 8
    T 6
    W 4
    I 2
    A 4
    Ld 8
    Sv 6+

    Wargear: Flamer, flak armor, Totem of fire, Totem of lies, Totem of rage,

    Costum flamer:
    Assault 2

    Totem of fire: Zandra has a love for fire, it consumes him, he unlike most kroot doesn't mind burning down trees, and plants. He therefore is hated by most kroot. He carries the banner of fire to show them he doesn't care, and will continue to burn.... burn.... burn...But because of this they try harder to fight, showing him that they do not need to burn to win.

    -1 leadership to all kroot if Zandra is included in the army
    +1 attack to all kroot if Zandra is included in the army

    Totem of lies: Zandra is a rebel, he sells his services to whoever he pleases, as long as they give him new parts for his ever growing flamer collection, and he gives them to his shapers that he thinks have pottential.

    -1 leadership to all kroot if Zandra is included in the army
    All shapers may have his costum flamer for free

    Totem of rage: Zandra is consumed by fire, and fire is death itself,

    He must charge the nearest enemy.
    He gains 2 attacks

    What do you think? Are there to many disadvantages?

    Battle record.
    Orks: 4/0/1
    World eaters:1/0/2
    O & G: 5/0/1

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    I have a better one:

    Zandra The Burninator
    WS: 17
    BS: 3
    S: 5
    T: 4
    W: several
    I: like, really high
    A: four....teen, fourteen attacks
    LD: 9
    SV: -/2+ (stole a shadowfield from Infrazael Draennonssraav)

    Steed of elephantitis (rides on it's own tumor)

    The Wargear is just too awesome to post. you would all just copy it anyways.
    For if one gave, he dared assert
    He knew that man was repentant
    For many a man is so hard of heart
    He cannot weep even though he suffers sorely

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    having all that totems is pretty good but otherwise its pretty good.maybe you shold narrow it down to only being able to carry one totem per battle-especially 'cause it would seem kinda retarded if he was carrying 20 totems on his back... he wouldnt be able to move
    Starting anew-september 22 2005

    Blood Angels


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