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    Tau - How are they supposed to be like?


    Yeasterday i was in a 750 pts tourney with my Tau. I thought I would do fine against other players, but when the 3 battles were over, I had lost every battle (5 out og 60 pts). I played against 2 imerial guard players and an ork player. I know these two armies are good at low pionts, but common, I could do nothing to them. It was too few points to have markerlights. The guards butchered me in the shooting phase, and the ork player, well used a little shooting, but I was doomed when they came close, and I they were too many.

    How does GW wants Tau to be? Their weapons have good str, but very low range. And a shooty army with bs 3?I can't hit, but the few hits wounds, and then the stupid cover saves saves all the wounds.And if only 1 close combat eilite model assaults, my fire warriors squad is gone.

    So they want Tau to be a shooty army that have to get close, fire everything they got, and just pray to that the enemy don't get cover?

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    I'm not a Tau expert, but I'm guessing the average reader will want to know what is in your 750-point list. That will help greatly with feedback.

    Also, this thread will get a LOT more responses in the Tau forum. For your convenience, I have moved the thread there.

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    As Canew said, it would be useful to see your army list, or an idea of what you used.

    Tau are "the Young", ever expanding for the Greater Good. Aside from fluff, they are generally (IMO) seen as a moblile army that can dish out a lot of firepower and receive little in return from the enemy. This generally leads me to take a mech army, or with some transports, and battlsuits and tanks in support.

    Just some general imput for a list:
    Tau do have quite long range and short range and everything in between. (How effective these weapons are and at what is up for debate, but) Against IG and Orks I would seriously recomend a Hammerhead with a railgun, even in a small game.
    Markerlights somewhere would be nice, as you can reduce the cover save of what your shooting at as well as boost your own B.S. However Pathfinders are expensive, even if you use their devilfish for transporting a Fire Warrior Squad. A unit of four Pathfinders might be good, but again thats 48 less points actually damaging the other army. Some longer range fire power in the form of fireknife suits or deathrains, just one suqad, could be usefull. For troops i would suggest some kroot (thier great at swarming the enemy when supported, even against orks) and a Fire Warrior squad mounted in a devilfish or two.

    Agian, these are just my suggestion, I hope I they were useful,
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