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    What makes a good all-comers Nid list?

    I just got the nids codex last week, and honestly I'm having a tough time coming up with a good all-comers list. A lot of the lists I see may work well against certain army builds, but then have problems against others. You make your list assault oriented and you'll have problems with faster lists like mechdar or mech lists forcing you to hit them on 6's. You make a shooty list and then you'll have problems against assault-oriented armies like orks, chaos and daemons. You take a footsloggin list and will get shot to death by Guards and even Tau. A swarmy list is not very effective against a mech army and a monstrous list has the same inherent problems as the former nidzilla lists and costs even more.

    Don't get me wrong...I think the new nids are vastly improved compared to the old nids, especially in terms of their mobility and ability to handle mech. But so far, I haven't really seen a build that I would go "wow, I'm taking this list to a tournament." Space wolves just scares the heck out of me still. So does Dark Eldar and lash Chaos.

    My intuition tells me that the future of competitive nids - tournament nids - will involve mycetic spores and a fair amount of monstrous creatures. But right now it's still a little early to tell. I guess my question to you guys is what do you think would make a good, all-comers Nid list?

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    I build my lists with a task in mind, regardless of what it may come across. My current theory with the new codex is a drop-pod list that allows me to dump the bulk of my forces on the board in turn two with accuracy. Number of targets is really key with nid pods. One trygon isn't all that scary. However one trygon with a few fexes, zoans, lictor, flyrant and what ever else you can get away with dropping in on turn two is pretty overwelming to deal with. I'm findig pods to be very effective no matter the opponent.

    I'm currently playing with 2000 point lists with 1000 points dedicated to MCs and HQ. The other 1000 points goes towards elites, fast attack and troops.

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    i think it's using shooty based MCs, followed by assualting, from the flanks. From the past few games, i have found that a combo of a weak unit supporting a strong close combat unit really helps. Also, even if the nidz can spawn a cheap objective base unit, don't throw away the points and not let them participate in the battles half the time. However, i am talking at a 1500 points point of view. If you want to know where i am coming from, i have an army list somewhere in the army list section of the forum Jy2.

    As good mycetic spores sound, most units can't take them and the units that can have alot of trouble against space wolf rune priest due to jotww being effective against their low initiative and the rune priest's 24" hood range.
    Superior stamina may win battles, but the ability to quickly recover wins wars.

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    I agree with TamCoan that about half (maybe less but not more) of our army should be spent on MC. I am not so sure about the whole drop pod list. Marines drop pods list are not that strong honestly, I fear the nids pod list may have the same weaknesses.

    Anyway, I feel that the new codex is nerfing only spam builds, mainly nidzilla spam (cost to much now) and stealer shock (no more broodlord & 4+ sv). Interestingly, my balance list was not really affected by the point cost change (I had 3 MC and the point drop for troops in general compensated). So my feeling is that a balance list with a varied selection of units is the way to go.

    For the moment and until I play more games I think we have key units that really need to be fielded in a balanced list, the rest is just a matter of taste:

    - Hive Guard & Zoanthropes: The guard and zoan really complete each other in term of tank hunters. The guard is great against eldar (no cover save + holofield) and zoan against AV13-14.

    - Venomthrope: It can really neutralize assaulting list if used correctly. He has no defence however so I would not take more than 1-2.

    - Tervigon: 1 or 2 max, anymore would cripple the offence capabilities of a list. Great for camping objectives and creating expendable gaunts unit. Good if use in combo with venomthrope.

    - Trygon Prime: The Trygon is honestly a steal for it's points. The Prime upgrades adds synapse and makes his gun useful (mostly because of the increase in range).

    - Mawloc: About as effective as a Fex in close (with less str) but his deepstriking abilities makes him a great tactical assets: he is a threat to anyone on the table and he can move unit and tanks away from an objective.

    - Genestealers: These are our best CC elements. They outperforms anything in the list due to the fact that they are taken in mass. Tyranid Warriors with boneswords needs a mention here because they are now incredibly brutal against MEQ.

    EDIT: For what it's worth here is my list.
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