G'day everyone, hope you're well.

I just wanted to get the opinions of more experienced players as to what I should arm my current build project (an ork big trakk) with in order to do marines some damage. I play infrequently and when I do it is almost exclusively against a mate who has some insane number of marines - 12k I think - so I'm not entirely certain what upgrades or weapon will be most effective.

Looking at the experimental rules on the forgeworld site it seems like a kill kannon would be good, as I retain a (small) transport capacity, though the range seems limited. A supa kannon seems like it has the range, strength and AP I would need, though I would no llonger be able to transport troops AND it is starting to get expensive points wise. the problem I find with playing against an opponent with an army that size is that if I add too many points to the game it just increases the number of interesting and killy units he can bring, as well as increasing the flexibility of his force.

I guess another option is to not take a big gun at all, though if I were going to do that it seems like I have built a trukk which takes up a heavy support slot and brings very little to the game except for terrain re-rolls!

Any suggestions? Sorry if this is a noob problem, I find it hard to envisage what each option will mean in game terms.