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    The Joys of The IC

    Welcome Fellow hive minds (well i cant really say that as I don't play nids, but intend to when i finish off my current painting projects). I feel there is a unit which with all the new shiny tervigony goodness going around is being overlooked, and this saddens me greatly!

    I am of course referring to the warrior prime. Lets take a look shall we:

    Pts: well he is less than 100, that's a pretty good price, with a gun and re-rolls on all 1s in combat standard. considering he has superior stats to marine characters which cost more.

    Stat line: as stated for his cheap cost he is pretty darn awesome, only being instant death prone to strength 10, having lots of attacks, a decent WS and BS and being of almost monstrous strength levels!

    Special rules: synapse is very handy as all of you guys know, and for his pts he is one of the cheapest ways to get it, short of a lone zoanthrope, alpha warrior is very handy for buffing a shooty warrior squad, however his main gem of a rule, that i feel is being slightly overlooked is that he is an independent character!!!

    I would now like to commence a rant discussing the wonders of the independant character rule, in the nid army, when posessed by a 3 wound t5 3+ save combat power house.

    1. Pop him in a unit of warriors, this is the most common configuration I have seen as the prime and the warriors have obvious synergy, wound allocation can be used against missile launchers, and he can have a lash whip for the squad. However using him in this way seems a little wasteful and is like buying a very expensive sergeant for a squad which doesn't really need it.

    2. Pop him in a unit of gaunts, I have heard this one discussed and feel it is a little wasteful, although he will give them a handy combat boost, and hidden synapse, he slows down hormagaunts and when shot at because of majority toughness, will be more easily wounded.

    3. (Heres where he starts to get interesting) Join him (or two of him) to The doom, in a spore. you can now allocate those annoying lascannons and missiles at him (yes i know this is a way to very quickly get him killed, however to doom is made of so much win keeping it alive could be considered worth it). With two primes in this pod, the units becomes menacing in close combat, and give the majority toughness of 5 to the doom. Doh just realised this isnt possible due to not being able to join units which consist of a single model

    4. Join to a 3 strong unit of hive guard, this unit then acts as a very tough synapse node, and can use wound allocation to keep more hive guard alive for longer, again because of majority toughness you now have a toughness 6 for your prime effectively and he will make the squad dangerous in CC.

    5. Join to a 3 strong zoanthrope brood in a spore, this has similar implications to The Doom but is more legal.

    6. Join to a hive tyrant with guards, give both him and the tyrant regen, and play wound allocation games to keep most of the models alive until they reach the enemy lines, where the tyrant can leave the guards, and the prime can either help them, or run off on his own too.

    7. Join two of them to a three strong carnifex unit (this makes an uber unit with 18 wounds, and with wound allocation and regen could get them, or most of them to the enemy in one piece) with lash whips and the carnifexes charge rule you could also have first striking carnifexes (and with frag spines first striking carnifexes into cover!), in oder to make this unit effective it needs a minimum of strangle thorn cannons, however i think it is one of the few ways we can make effective Carnifexes, admittedly it costs a massive whack of points, but it could prove worth it), and being three carnifexes and two warrior primes large, its one of the few units that could reliably hide a venomthorpe. Further being such a massive point sink it is more easily buffed (feel no pain springs to mind). and being made up of such huge models, it would provide synapse and cover for vertually your entire army.

    Well hope this gives you guys some ideas for being creative with your use of the independant character special rule, and primes.

    Further thought should be made to taking 10 pt regen, which normally would be a waste, but when using the primes as a method for protected other bugs using wound allocation, it actually seems pretty reasonable.

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    They Tyranid Prime is crazy. Personally I think that you're wasting his potential if you stick him with warriors (there's so many other things he can do), but either way he's one of the better HQs in the game. He's cheap, very killy, and allows you to do some crazy tricks.
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    i run 2 of them at 500 points, dual boneswords, they attract a lot of fire power, they're quite versatile, you can join em in units like gaunts, and they re so much more survivable, they can also take down a fair few normal warriors before diening.
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