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    The use of a deathleaper

    Hi Everybody,

    I was wondering why I should take a deathleaper in my army.

    What are the pro's:
    You can take down the leadership of one charachter with 1,2 or 3.
    You gain +1 on the reserve roll if it's was in play that turn.
    it has rending on a throw of 5 and 6.

    it cost 140 points
    it takes an elite slot
    it can't shoot
    it is weak with no invul save so aginst any serious cc squad it's death.
    after turn 3/4 the +1 tp the reserve roll is now use, and there are better or cheaper units for this purpose.

    so am I missing something

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    the maximum shooting range (2d6 x3)/2 = the maximum charge range of the leaper 6+d6+6
    it can bounce around the board so use it early and bounce for a late game surprise. Note that once it leaves the board, the pheromone trail is gone until it is back on for a turn.
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    Well for a start it can shoot, its got flesh hooks.

    That removal of the leadership is awsome against a psyker in any army, eldar farseers, librarians, chaos sorcerors and rune preists all get shut down in a big way when you combine that with shadow in the warp.

    That very nice "What was that"can be used to pin units in cover very well, its hard to get going on 1 dice, especially in a large unit. Plus its range of 12 is just bigger than the average spotting distance of 10".

    Hes fantastic at taking out tanks and transports, pop him behind something, try and get a rear shot with the hooks, if that fails assault next turn.

    And in adititon, hes a great objective blocker, much like the mawloc. Make him disapear on turn 4, Turn 5 have him jump on an unprotected objective squad, preferably in some cover. If he survives and you can take them on, assault with him and try and drive them off totally. Dont forget with WS9 a lot of units hit him on 5's.

    In the grand scheme of things theres better out there, id rather have doom in a pod any day and that elites slot is crowded at the best of times, but hes still very much worth a look.
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