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    Can the parasite be an effective HQ?

    Hey all,I've been wondering wether the parasite can really be effective in a tyranids army, and what role it fills as I have really wanted to model something like it for a long time and the rules really fit well. But thinking about it, when compared to a unit of tyranid shrikes of roughly the same points (x3), what (other than the HQ slot) does the parasite have to offer?Obviously there is the Ripper spawn rules, but thinking about them now, how good are they? To start with, the downed models must fail a toughness test (not entirely unreasonable for T3-4 models) but something to think about. The other thing is, as the parasite isnt an MC and only really has rending going for it, killing off enough models to build up a nice ripper swarm is not always going to be easy, especially against MEQs, not so much against guard, eldar and the like. When compared to a unit of Shrikes with boneswords and adrenal glands/toxin sacs, the kill ratio for the parasite is going to be much lower against pretty much anything.

    Synapse is arguably better for the shrikes as they have more models and can thus spread out to cover more ground. However ripper wise the 24 inches on the parasite aint too bad. In terms of resilience, I think the Shrikes still have it going, though only just. 9 wounds and a 5+ save I think comes a little ahead of the 3? wounds with a 3+ save, though it will be argueably harder to give the shrikes cover. Also I can't remember if the Parasite is an independant character or not, so that could be a big factor.

    The one great thing about the parasite is the reserve rule. Not only is it going to hopefully waste the alpha strike ability of units coming in from reserve by placing a whole lot of otherwise not very useful rippers in front of them, but better still, it makes your opponent think twice about whether to take reserves at all. A very useful thing.

    Now, if you want to go with both units and have them close together/attached think about this. Firstly, it makes your synapse web more dense and therefore one of the units is redundant. Not always terrible but point for point it starts becoming painfull if you overdo it. Secondly, reduncdancy of combat comes into play, anything you charge with the shrikes should be going down to them in 1-2 turns anyways. So adding the parasite may give you a few rippers left after you wipe that unit, but then what to do with them, they can't really keep up with shrike or the parasite so they arent very useful.

    Anyways, I want to know about everyones experiences with the Parasite and anything that makes it a good unit, I'd really love to field him but at the moment the only reason I'm going to is the mandatory HQ as I dont have the points for a tyrant. Let me know your thoughts,Bias

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    i really want to run with one myself

    yes, its an independent character, so it can hide in a unit of shrikes, or gargoyles, or anything really (i'd choose gargoyles personally)

    in that setting i'd say he's a VERY viable unit. heck, anything in this codex that gives you free units shouldn't be dismissed. sure he might have a tricky time pulling it off over tervigon's abilities, but they're just the cream on the cake.

    i haven't play tested him, i just like the look of the unit. i'm actually going to have to buy rippers for him to spawn, because i've read accounts where his tally of rippers birthed ended up being ludicrous.

    as for your comparison with shrikes... well i'd say you're comparing apples and oranges here - the parasite should go into a unit to gain ablative wounds from shooting, and then aim him at mid-light infantry - the shrike build you're describing seems to be tipped towards mid-heavy infantry. so they're going to fill very different rolls.

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    Parasite isn´t bad, i mean you still need a HQ right? He is one of the more "cheaper".
    And it depends on how you field him and how you have build your army.
    I have been using:
    19 gargoyles
    15 gargoyles
    5 Shrikes, Pair of boneswords, toxin sacs

    Mortex he joins the 19 squad.
    Now that it is a big squad, and a HQ it will probably become target. (That´s my point)
    If lucky they will target that unit instead of the shrikes.
    And the 15 squad screens the shrikes.

    (And maybe if you want you can use tervigon to cast some FNP)
    That way you spawn gaunts, and maybe spawns rippers aswell.


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    The one time I used my parasite against marines I ended up with over 20 ripper bases on the table. So I'd say it's fairly effective against marines in that respect, if you tend to roll a good number of rending wounds then it pretty good odds you'll end up with rippers. And really, the rippers are only good for tying up nearby enemy units that may join the CC or try to wait and be able to shoot at the unit with the parasite in it.

    Oh yea, I certainly would never use the parasite by himself. Join him in with gargoyles or shrikes, gargoyles being the better choice I think. Plus, I would never rely on the parasite as my only HQ. Either a flyrant or warrior brood is my other (usual) HQ choice.

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